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use the definition of derivative to find f'(x)

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Do you need help pluggin in or multiply by the the top's conjugate?
hmmm do you mean \[ \frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{(a+h)-a}\]

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Other answers:

that is the definition of derivative @swissgirl YES :D
so you're left with \[f'(x)=\frac{ \sqrt }{ h }\]
\[f'(x)=\frac{ \sqrt{(x+h)-4}-\sqrt{x-4}}{h}\]
\[f'(x)=\lim_{h \rightarrow 0}\frac{ \sqrt }{ ? }\]
That latex fail
why is not going through?
oh gratz on 90 ss nin
Just btw my definition is not complete. This is the correct definition \[ \lim_{h \to 0}\frac{f(a+h)-f(a)}{(a+h)-a}\]
\[f'(x)=\lim_{h \rightarrow 0} \frac{ \sqrt{(x+h)-4} -(\sqrt{x-4})} { h }\]
f(x) = (x-4)^1/2 \[f'(x)= (\frac{ x-4 }{ 2 })^{\frac{ -1 }{ 2 }}\]
I didn't want to pick on you, @swissgirl LAUGHING OUT LOUD but yes. without the limit would be the MVT or the mean value theorem
no @shamil98 you've changed the entire thing by changing h = 2
h -> 0
you must be using a Plutonian Rule
Ok so basically the next step would be to multiply by the conjugate. Gonna write it out and scan it in cuz it will take me forever to type it in latex
I tried, omg that thing takes forever using the equation tool bar
you know at a glance, I thought it is not differentiable because it involves imaginary number and when that is the case, there's no limit with real number, hence no derivatives.
no there is a derivative just rewriting it.
1 Attachment
i know that >.<
was showing @shamil98
how'd you scan that so quickly?
ummm it takes no longer than a half a second to scan
omg my scanner takes like a light year to scan a page
I have an issue I cant draw straight lines -_-
ruler usually solves that problem
lol thats what I usually hafta us
it is less of a technology than a scanner
@shamil98 yo review this LAUGHING OUT LOUD so you can skip 2 years of college in math
Ya I am great at bargaining and I managed to still get warranty coverage after the warranty was over for a year and I complained that the scanning was slow so they sent me a newer model printer which works awesome
can you send me an extra scanner then? I want the fujitsu desktop scanner. the brother machine I have is uber slow
ohhh I kept it and gave it to my bros ato destroy
bought it for 99 bucks just to have something to scan all my lab and experiment draft crap
ummm I have hp
mine was $150 I think
yo I saw the HP one, it's "touch" technology, but it's bulky and it gets smudgie
But I gotta scan in all my work every week so it was a necessity
ya the touch aint bothersome But have not noticed it smudgy but then again I rarely print I usually scan
so do you think you can get the fujitsu desktop scanner? although it's not for high-paper scanning, it's fast and very small
for you or for me???
Not gonna waste my bargaining skills on you :P
you're mean ... just mean mean mean cheese
OMG its expensive -_-
Totally not on my budget
it's actually cheaper now. it used to be around 900
ya still dont excite me
I've been waiting for that crap to be like 200 bucks so I can buy it, but they kept discontinuing the older models
Smart guys
blame the canadians ....
Did ya hear ma mayor is a crack head :D
it's fujitfrichinsu, it should be Japan
your mayor? or the re-elected Christie of NJ?
wait he's a governor LAUGHING OUT LOUD
Hey I dont live in NJ remembah
I would have bashed him for being unhealthy fat slob and use that against him he neglects his own health and that is why he doesn't care about other people's health, which is the reason why he keeps cutting the university hospital's budgets
lol ohhh I forgot u live in NJ
I am a New Yorker... LAUGHING OUT LOUD
But u do live in NJ or at least at one point u did
idk I only have one place of residence
don't you live in like NJ, NY and Canada?
I visit those places but I only live in canada. I may be coming into NJ in 2 weeks -_-
laughing out loud
Its not funny!!! idk i may just stay at home alone. Seriously dont wanna head out there

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