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I need help on a psychology paper on depression. I don't know what to write. Research has found that the greatest risk of developing a major depression occurs between the ages of 15-24 and 35-44. Your age group is certainly within the risk group. Write an essay of 150-200 words explaining why depression is so prevalent in your age group and what can be done to help a friend that might be experiencing a depression. What coping mechanisms are there for your age group?
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Off the top of my head, I would assume that the reason why there's a greater risk of developing depression occurs between ages 15-24 is because of social pressure, and because your body is going through changes and still getting used to it. Obviously, a lot of high school and college students go through difficulties, not knowing if they'll pass a class, or if they are good enough socially, however I believe in addition to that there is also more self-doubt that has accumulated from failed experiences (getting turned down, etc). I don't know why exactly, people in the age group 35-44 also experience a greater risk for depression however, they are reaching the age where it would be reasonable for them to wonder if they failed to self-actualize and go through a mid-life breakdown. There are a lot of coping mechanisms some of the most common (and some say most effective) are denial, repression, disassociation, and (one I find myself doing) is to intellectualize. People often drown there sorrows as a way of denial and to disassociate themselves from an overwhelming situation. Sorry this was quite long, and I don't know if this answered your question, but hopefully it helped you get an idea on what to write.

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