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can you guys believe flvs has told their students not to come here for help?! because it will result in an "academic integrity violatiotion"! i never saw anything about openstudy when i signed up for FLVS!

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O.o where did u see that??? I wanna seeee
lol me 2 cause im in FLVS and never saw that
i found it

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Other answers:

All my teachers know I'm an Ambassador on OpenStudy. Haha. I make it apparent to tell them. They don't mind - all my work is l33t. However, this thread has been made around 5-6 times. The staff is well-aware, and they're working to stop it. Whenever you see someone cheating or posting content form FLVS, or any other online academy, report the user, please, we'd greatly appreciate it.
well maybe students are copying and pasting users work
flvs, and connections academy stuff .....
No one reads the CoC anymore. It's sad.
Chibi, I am not sure if they ever did...
That's kind of true :P
1 Attachment
@UsArmy3947 in my english class this is what pops up when i enter into it -_-
aww i saw it
yeah :/ too bad its not stopping me!
or anybody else
for real! XP
even if they claim they'll know if we do
The main problem is when people get others to do their work. It does not matter if it is FLVS or any other school. Repetition is one of the things that helps learning. But rather than teach people how to learn, they just shove a bunch of facts at students and expect them to be able to spit them back... then they wonder why students look for any help they can get. It is an unfortunate and vicious cycle.
I took many FLVS classes and this is a joke. I learned everything from Openstudy and their lessons are horrible. I graduated last year and never needed OS for their classes again but really? Why would they ban OS when it's helping? The idea of OS is that if you are having trouble, to get help. Those who are answering questions without work are not helping anyone and although you may like straight up answers, it is against OS policy.
it doesn't help that they make the assignments really long and confusing after hardly teaching it to you
I can't stop coming on here, FLVS CAN GO EAT SOME PEACHES
Exactly! It's not all of OS that's the problem... It lazy kids who don't wanna do ANY work! And OMG yes! their lessons are ridiculous! They barely teach you anything! And what they do teach is hard to comprehend I've asked teachers for help before who didn't even know what to do. They just said refer to the lesson and when I said I did they said I'm sorry I can't help! -_-
that moment when ur new world history teacher was a geometry teacher right before. I guess to be a FLVS teacher you have to have a passion for every single subject. thank God for youtube lessons. I hate geometry. it makes no sense
it's sad when your teachers and lessons are of so little help you have to rely on youtube
Yeah... I got an email blast from a principal of FLVS one time, and so @AriPotta, @snuggielad, and I wrote a giant reply to them. Needless to say, we got no response from then.
So FLVS students cannot use Yahoo Answers or OpenStudy and "ANY other website". Wow, that is a tall order. Facebook? Google? Wikipedia? All that will get you into trouble?
Wow that's ridiculous. Who cares? I learn more on this website than i do through my online schooling! At least people explain things to you in a way that actually makes sense.
i have seen many FLVS students asking questions and they dont even know the basics of that particular topic..i have seen many people getting their concepts cleared here on OS. banning OS is just ridiculous. The only problem is when students just take up a test without learning and expect from users here to just give away the answers. this is the thing which is not acceptable!
that's mean for them to do hey what if we change the name to OWL STUDY so its not OPEN STUDY
This is the same thing as before @Preetha nothing has changed
Many CA classes say the same thing. The students need to only get information from the course web site and books they are given. The problem is that the teachers do not always ask questions that exist in those materials.
@e.mccormick is right at the beginning of the course they give a video that is this one that I attached
1 Attachment
hope this video helps OS prove that flvs is over exaggerating
I wouldn't push this ish
I do not see what is the problem for FLVS or Connections Academy students coming to this site. The user base actually teaches interactively or so that is what I see. Instead of them negatively commenting on about how OpenStudy is hurting the students why do they not use OpenStudy to their advantage? I take FLVS and Connections Academy are online schools right? Why don't they talk with OpenStudy on how they can work together. In my school my teachers don't have anything against me using sites like these, they actually promote the use of using study sites such as Khan Academy or OpenStudy. Although I do not think the are exaggerating, I mean students can copy and paste questions right? That is quite a big deal since they can completely cheat on their homework assignments.
well @Cupcakescankill i could agree with Flvs if they dont want student getting on yahoo answers cause they give u the answer directly but Open Study its against the rules to give a direct answer without explanation
why was i Tagged?
does someone need help or anything?
so u can support FLVS students to have the right to use Open Study like u have ur rights to be on here
well i think they can see ur IP address
I would just show them our Code of Conduct. It strictly prohibits cheating of any sort. Simply report users that are clearly cheating on tests and the like. And promote only guidance with homework. Also, take it easy with the tagging. I myself am a college student, with no ties to FLVS of any sort.
I'm not in FLVS but I'll make sure to bring this to everyones attention
oh sorry @austinL and thank you for supporting us : )
Why did they say you couldnt come on they think your cheating? or something?
No Prob, Same to you!
no but i dont wana get kicked out of Flvs for being on here and @FLVSenglishstudent is it true that flvs is federal with the government
Question, why would would voluntarily go to an online school? I can see if you are traveling a lot but other than that I do not seem to understand why you would go to one, some colleges do not even credit online schools.
Same thing goes for Colorado Online Schools. They switched from the excellent and well planned Blackboard Learning System to the very bad, low information Aventa Learning System. I used to be a straight A student thanks to Blackboard, everyone else in my school agrees. @Cupcakescankill Some students have special needs, certain medical conditions, are left alone due to working parents, or just attend online school to reduce the amount of bullying.
I've been in online school since 6th grade, they used Blackboard up until I went into the 10th grade. Then everyone in my school started to struggle with Aventa, and teachers that don't want to help us.
I go to Connections, and honestly I have learned more from getting help here than the lessons from my school. They don't explain things well.. it's pretty sad. that's why i'm not going there after this school year. It's ridiculous. I want to thank everyone on OS who has helped me!
Alright guys, lets talk. This has been happening for over a year now. This is nothing that you guys have found on your own. We knew way before this that it was going on. The administrators, CEOs and board of OpenStudy have been alerted over a year prior to this post. Lets start with the fact that this is NOT a answer site. We pride ourselves on being a HELP to students not a cheating tool. So if you have ever posted a question to get the answer YES you are violating academic integrity. We are here to help teach when there are no teachers available NOT to give you answers when you are to lazy or don't know how to do the work. Not to sound mean or anything but that's the way it is. We are here to help teach you if you don't understand not to do your work for you and give you an easy A. This is not something new. It is very important you read the code of conduct so you don't get yourself in trouble. You can USE the site but don't violate the FLVS agreements you made by copying their tests and putting them online. That is not only copyright infringement but you are cheating and helping others do the same. If there is a concept you do not understand post a question WITHOUT copying and pasting. Do not put the answer choices for example in math. If you have a math problem do not post the question and answer choices. It can be solved without them and they are owned by flvs. Do not copy word problems verbatim ETC. I will end with this, I am not trying to be mean though I have been known to write stuff that seems a little harsh. If that is how this seems I am very sorry it was not intended to be. Please drop the subject entirely. Do what you feel content with. If you feel like you can use the site and you will be okay that is fine but it is not my place NOR anyone else here at OpenStudy to undermine the authority of FLVS/Connections Academy or any of the other fine online education systems. Mind you it has been taken care of and any ongoing problems will be taken care of by the CEO and team of Anything you have to add or tell us please contact OpenStudy directly and in a NON PUBLIC form by emailing them at and refer to the Code of Conduct at Thanks for your time, attention and respect to the management of both of these establishments in this matter. Happy Studying, SnuggieLad
Snuggie, you say it so well.
@preetha, they can't use all of those websites because most students don't want to learn stuff, they just want the answers. Sad to say it, but that also describes an overwhelming majority of the users of OS. Especially most of the new members. They usually just make an account, ask one question, and then leave forever/spam and then leave forever.
Ya @poopsiedoodle your right and new users that wana use the same username can't cause the users that left OS forever are waiting that space
I suggest if a person is inactive for 5 months the account gets deleted
@UsArmy3947 Although that would be helpful, some people with high smart scores and a lot of work who leave for more than 5 months, but are sure they will come back, will have a big surprise when they can't log in. I would say only for people with smart scores below 40-50. This would also corrupt memory if I'm not mistaken. As for the FLVS thing, I only come here to talk with people and help others. I will still come on here no matter what, and the only way they can stop us is by IP blocking us from OS which only OS Admins can do.
  • JA1
Let's get real, it's like them telling you not to ask your parents and/or siblings for help! An academic integrity violation is when someone else does your work for you and/or helps you on tests as you are taking them therefore as long as you use OS for anything other than getting direct help on a test and having someone do the work for you then FLVS cannot do anything in turn.
I hate flvs
And this is something I don't get: new people keep finding year-old posts.
yeah because no one helps with the new mines..u always find information in the year old post
But this was a year ago
like how are you guys finding these
you'd have to scroll for hours
Yes, actually I can believe it because students of FLVS do come on here (not everyone though), and copy questions from their school work to get answers. This is not everybody, but there are a lot of people that do this. :)

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