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All across America, there are people who have guns illegally, and there are some who have them legally. There are some people who use guns for good reasons, bad reasons, or both. Guns should be banned, because it's polluting the minds of young children, gun owners do not respect the rules, and law abiding citizen should not be able to get access to guns. Although, kids 10 years ago played ping pong, Ataris, and dolls. The children of today play with nerfs guns, toy guns that actually look like real guns. Violent video games, television shows, and movies ar the reason kid aspire to use guns and be criminals. They see a bad guy with a gun and automatically want to be just like them. Children should remain ignorant about guns. Guns are something that children should not be brought up on. Kids can copy cat a violent situation. For instance, Columbine Highschool, was the first school shooting that got a lot of attention. A few years later Virginia Tech Massacre. Who gave these kids guns? Did they get it from their parents? Why did they want to shoot innocent peers from their school? These are questions that have never been answered. Several people who have ownership over guns do not follow the rules. They disrespect and ignore the authorities, and that is not a good example for kids. Guns owners engaging in self-defense are taking the law into their own hands. This is wrong. Only the Police and Criminals have the right to take the law into their own hands. For example. Goerge Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch guard, was told by authorities not to follow Trayvon Martin. He took the situation in his own hands, and look how that turned out. Someone ended getting killed, and no one will ever know what happened, because Zimmerman did not listen to the authorities. Guns should not be distributed to law abiding citizens. Giving a criminal a gun, is like giving a dog a gun, dangerous and deadly. If someone is given a gun and knows they're using it for a bad reason, he or she shouldn't get it. An application and background check should be given to people just to make sure their past isn't bad, and make sure they are going to use the gun for protection, hunting or any other gun related activity that isnt bad. Guns are something that shouldn't be taken as a joke. It can be a deadly weapon. It can take someone's life, or your own. Guns do not kill people; people kill people. But guns are an easier way out for many people.

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