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I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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What would make someone like you click on an OpenStudy ad immediately and sign up. Here is the graphics. But I need you to tell me what words to put in there.
What words to put where? I think that the "Have you Heard" one is more likely to get my personal attention. Because it makes me think No I have not heard, or it just makes me more curious.
Anything, pretty much, there are so many people signing up already.

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Other answers:

Not really as much as we would like the to. (-: So think harder.
To be honest the owl eyes are king of creepy but it would make me click it after a while of it being on my webpage. I would constantly be staring at it. Also, putting few words on the ad wouldn't really make me click on it because it gives off that it's a virus or something.
I think that putting need help with homework? and join the worlds largest study group! should be enough.
In one ad..
Tbh, I think something along the lines off, "Get answers to your hw in a matter of seconds for free, with our smart owls ready to assist 24/7. Just fill in a easy 5 second sign up sheet, and let the success begin." I mean personally, that would build up my curiosity quickly and I would click on it in a matter of seconds.
Or you could put a "quick and easy sign up sheet'. Something like that. Hope I could hep :)
  • JA1
Honestly Preetha, the graphics and such themselves don't really catch the essence of OpenStudy, we need to focus less on who funded us and the big owl eyes and just get to the point, make an ad that is visually and mentally appealing that minimally catches the essence of what OpenStudy is. But out of those two the way the second one starts off is much better plus the quick "about us" section is nice and short.
@JA1 They want the funded by as a promotional for the funders and on top of that a proof of legitimacy toward the site. It shows people all those who are big names that "back" us. So the funders mark is 100% necessary. Good point though on trying to make a more direct "to the point" explanation on what OpenStudy is. Do you have any ideas on how to word that for this project? Remember it must fit in only a couple of lines!
the content is good...catchy...but the eyes are kinda creepy...instead of those eyes we can have a small owl scratching is head and is surrounded by having hard time studying. then need help? sounds perfect...
Signing up to the free site? Or signing up to the pay per use?
is it ad clicks that you are counting?
Hi @Preetha I was wondering how the process with this idea is going... are you actually going to do it?
I think "NEED HELP?" is good :) I like the owl eyes, it's kinda catchy, ;p Here are my ideas: "GIVE UP ALREADY?!"..or "IDEAS NO MORE?".. or "LOSING HOPE? PATIENCE?" .. or anything else. After this maybe.. "KEEP CALM and GET FREE HELP"... XD
That sounds way to much like a commercial..
lol @ballplop ikr :D
It is a commercial! for OpenStudy!
  • JA1
@Snuggielad I get what you mean and yes that's a good idea but in the end we need an ad, not a historical flashback or encyclopedia about OpenStudy, we need an attractive ad since the base population of OS are mainly 10 - 16 who don't really know or care who the NSF or any other institute is. The idea you are capturing is completely by the book and correct, just not with our age group focus.

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