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Please help ASAP! 5. which two authors wrote narratives of their journy to america ? A. Edgar Allan Poe and Walt Whitmen B. Patrick Henry and Thomas pain C. Olaudah Equiano and William Bradford D. Jonathan Edwards and Phillis Wheatly 6. Ambrose Bierce and Edgar Allan Poe share stylistic similarities despite being part of two distinct literary movements , A. Realism and Romaticism B. classicism and colonialism C. Puritanism and gothic romance D. romanticism

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are you taking English 11? @rockstargirl17
yes i am
Are you taking the semester exam right now?

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Other answers:

yes i am
me too and I need help lol. want to help eachother??
sure what question are you on
I am on 1 because I just started it, but ive been on 1 for 30 minutes because I just don't know what it is, but I can go to the problem you are on.
well i got for #1 was D im stuck on number 5
it is either A or C. I forgot but it was on a previous test
for # 5
I think it was edgar allan poe
then is 6 A or D?
im not to sure on that one but i know that edgar allan poe was a romanticism but im not sure about ambrose bierce
I think she was also.
yeah i think so too hmm but what is the other distinct literary moment
okay so it is for sure D
That's what I put ! It makes sense
yeah it really does hmm did you get number 7 ?
either b or d I think d idk yet
yeah i think its D because it cant be rhythm
im putting D
yeah thats what i was going to put did you get A for 8 ?
and B for 9
is that right?
okay cool thats what i thought waht did you get for the matching yes it is right i believe
let me see hold on
I believe so
okau thats what i was thinking but i wasnt for sure
Did you get 15 and 16?
not yet let me check
okay for 15 i believe its B
17-D 18-A
those two are right.
16 i believe it might be metaphor
It would be metaphor?
oops my bad i got the question mixed up okay sorry its assonance
19 im not sure if it would be a, or d. It sounds like she is daydreaming which makes me think it is A, but she is looking at the house which makes me think it is D.
what is A and D for you ?
I thought about a vacant house, D is I saw a house that was vandalized
oh okay ours is worded differently mine says A. i was depressed by the house and couldnt ignore the feeling B. i was saddened by the house and began to see it differently C. i was confused by the house and began to think it was imgainary D. i was annoyed by the house and began to believe it was alive
Then yours would be A I think
yeah thats what i was thinking
I am on 20. Do you need any answered before 20?
i dont think so i am on 20 also
are you doing the matching for 20 ?
Yes but idk who goes to which lol
lol me either
okay cool i got 24 its C
24 is the atttitudes associated with the word?
no its literal meaning
I wiki the answer and it came up with mine lol
oh really haha then ill put that
cause i looked it up on yahoo and i got literal meaning
my stepdad said the attitude associated
okay ill go with that then lol
did you get 25?
not yet but i got 26, 27, and 28 26. A 27. D 28 D
what are a d d for you?
27 underplayed 28 negative
what about 26
26 power
30 is an adverb right
yes it is
im not to sure what that one is
so im posting it on the question thing
ok! I am looking online too
okay cool
The answer is Ralph Waldo Emerson
ok! did you get 33? or are you not on that yet
not yet im looking at it now
did you get 25
primary reason
what is the question you have for 25 ?
what is the best meaning for principle
33 is alliteration
okay cool wht did you get for that ?
I got primary reason
okay cool 31 is he had been there often
i put that
i need 34
he is imaginative
im on 36 !
36 i got a snowstorm, a serious one , occurred two days ago
what about 42?
im already on the the short answer questions
42 jones stays the same
i am too.
do you reemebr the stories e did in this semester cause 44 is saying you have to pick a story
whatever short story you picked. i did goodmans browns
The good mans browns was about the guy who went into the forest correct ?
Yes and how he fell asleep
okay yeah okay ill probably do that one also
The last question i am stuck on
let me check and see waht it says and see if i can do it
for the first one which one did you get again? i am done with the test.

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