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Why's everybody offline lol no questions to answer

Art History
I got my questions answered at in under 10 minutes. Go to now for free help!
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The art section doesnt get to many people. O,-
haha and to think I'm a major in Art History lol
i dont know much about the art history i just like to draw. =_-

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Other answers:

I like to draw to I actually draw car designs.... -_- I know this might sound weird or funny but I want to design cars and have my own company when I am old enough to start it
so do you need help in anything?
that sounds like a good goal! I dont know what i'm going to do. maybe finish jujitsu and travel around the world.
you do jujitsu?!
yeah its more of defense and hard as crap -_- but its worth it
Awesome! I do Krav Maga
so you sort of do defence too right
yeah its pretty much both defense and offense so its a darn good skill to learn
yeah, it is.
I've got a Black Belt E3 in it
cool! -,*
yeah lol my friend Larsen has a black belt in Karate and we decided to do a little match out in the field and he landed a few punches but I still horribly beat him
karate vs. krav maga
so what belt do you have in Jiu Jitsu? and yeah
so you're a car designer hard working student and a person who knows how to throw a punch, cool and i'd hate to unfriend you becouse behind that niceness of yours is probably something no one ever wants to see, considering your a black belt. oh i'm purple belt.
yeah lol thats awesome purple is like the highest right?
yeah you have to be older than 15 and have all the requirements.
so how old are you?
i turn 17 this month
Nice I turn 17 in February
Do you do any hunting or stuff like that?
i go fishing.,(=.= not really hunting though.)
lol yeah its sort of hunting... me and my dad hunt deer and small game
I use a Nighthawk Bobtail
lol i heard that if you release viscious chiwawasinto the wild then they will come back with dead hedge hogs and love you and then you get to watch it within seconds turn into a fluffy white bunny.
hold on I have to go and get some stuff from the garage I'm going to clean my gun lol

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