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Hello everyone, here is some feedback

OpenStudy Feedback
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Mainly this feedback is about my disappearance. I didn't announce my disappearance before doing so, and this is more like a bounce. I'm just reappearing and I JUST MAY disappear again. While away, I'd been working on an educational project for universities worldwide, it's a personal project I've been working on alone but it's scheduled for release later this month. I exhibited the project while it was in it's beta test phase at Code Fair 2013, an event held for students who know how to code, at Ashesi University. there were loads of exhibited projects but mine came up on top and I won an award for it. that's what's kept me busy considering the scale of the project and the fact that I was working on it alone, but now I have a team and I may have some spare time, less work load, and hopefully I can be coming back here often again, as and when I can. i've attached a few photos from the event. And now some feedback about openstudy... I don't exactly understand what's going on now but OS seems a LOT empty and less active than a few months ago. what's up with that? at least that's what i've noticed... :/
OpenStudy is very lively in the morning. Lol. It's currently 6-8 in the morning for most users on OpenStudy. They're all sleeping! :P You and I are the only two up (because we're zombies!). I didn't know you coded, either. Good luck!

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Other answers:

hehe, i didn't know i was a zombie... :| but it's 1:31 for me and the only time i get to sneak back here, most people are not here... oh well. i guess i'll help the few around if i can before i take my leave :)
Most students that visit the site are CCS and FLVS. They're on U.S time, so they're all sleepy knuckleheads! LOL. :P I try to make time to help, too, between work and thinking of ways to improve OpenStudy, I do my best! What computer languages do you know?
Congratulations for your success Saso! And by the way, Happy New Year 2014 :)
Hearty Congratulations to you Saso!.
That's quite cool @sasogeek, good luck with everything. And happy new year!
saso! Awesome. You rock! And things were a bit quiet for the holiday season. But we have had stunningly good visit numbers so I am puzzled by your statement that things are "quiet". Good to have you back.
Sasoo!! My bud :) I'm so happy for the amount you are progressing in! Its so nice to see that you are successfully taking steps and its great to see how you are doing. Keep up the great work. I've been on and off OS a bit too, but I kinda agree its quiet. But in my thinking, most of the old users don't visit anymore lol. Great to know you are doing well and coming back a bit.
Hello @Preetha, actually when I made that statement there were only like 30 people in math and that was the max number of people in any subject. I'm glad to know it's not the actual case. And about my project, I think I can integrate OS in some way, I'll email you when I'm ready to take any steps concerning that :)

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