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What is an argument? A scientific statement based on humor A position statement based on logic A political statement based on fear A practical statement based on emotion

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im thinking its D
A position statement based on logic
it's b

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can u help me with one more
In his closing argument during the Hinckley assassination trial, defense attorney Vincent Fuller said to the jury: "First is the spring of 1976 when John Hinckley impulsively [goes] out, abruptly sells his automobile and goes to California to become a rock star or a song writer. Unrealistic, absolutely unrealistic. He had not had one moment of training in music. And he believed he would come on the front of Hollywood and be an instant success. Needless to say, he was a total failure and it resulted in his depression, despair, and disappointment. He made another aborted effort, I believe in 1978, where the doctors testified he went to Nashville again with great expectations of being a rock star. Once again his hopes were dashed, because, obviously, these were unrealistic goals. Whether at that point in time they are psychotic, obviously we are not qualified to address that. You should consider that, though, in your deliberations." Evaluate Fuller's argument in terms of logos, pathos, and ethos. Use evidence from the statement to support your answer. Your response should be a minimum of five sentences.
Logos The Greek word "logos" means "word," "speech" or "reason." In persuasion, it is the logical reasoning behind the author's statements. Reasoning can come in two forms: deductive or inductive. Deductive reasoning argues that, "If statement A is true and statement B is true, then the cross between A and B must also be true." For example, the logos of the argument "women like oranges" would be "women like all fruits" and "oranges are fruits." Inductive reasoning also uses premises, but the conclusion is only expected and may not necessarily be true because of its subjective nature. For example, the statements, "Steve likes comedy" and "This movie is a comedy" can reasonably conclude that "Steve will like this movie." Read more:

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