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***PLEASE HELP! TEST TOMORROW!*** An object is placed 10.0 cm in front of a mirror. what type must the mirror be to form an image of the object that is 2.00 m away from the mirror? what is the magnification of the image?

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I got -5 as the magnification, and it also asked whether it was virtual or real, and upright or inverted. I said it virtual and upright.. Can anyone tell me if I am right?
What do you understand by "..away from the mirror.." ??
sorry i am not familiar with these type of problems

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Other answers:

Its okay @dumbcow
and what do you mean @LastDayWork
i did find this, it may help
Away from the mirror can imply either side..real and virtual..
@Mashy Can you help here ??
Ok.. first u need to decide if its Convex mirror or Concave mirror.. (its not plain, cause in plain object distance = image distance) now can u first tell me is it convex or concave? (think properly.. u ll get it.. @LastDayWork.. i hope u know which one it is :P)
its convex right?
why do u think its convex?
draw a general ray diagram for convex.. showing objects and images.. then u ll be able to uderstand..
but it doesnt give you enough information to decide which one it is?
the info is not needed.. only one of them is possible.. just draw a ray diagram.. i am telling.. that ll make u understand!
i drew it and still dont see how it isnt convex
oh wait! is it concave outside?
if u drew it properly.. which distance u see bigger? object distance or image distance ?
|dw:1392185681486:dw| this is kinda what the ray diagram is... see where the image is formed..
so which distance is bigger in case of convex? object or image?
good.. so the image is ALWAYS.. ALWAYSSSS.. magnified or diminshed ?
so.. now u understand.. why in the rear view mirrors.. they say 'objects are closer than they appear" cause the images are always diminshed.. and we will THINK.. that they are far away.. cause our stupid brains say "hey that car looks small.. so it must be far" ok.. now.. we nailed it down.. that its concave.. right?.. but we are not done yet.. there are stil two possibilities! In concave..
yeah! would it be concave outside?
what u mean concave outside? o.O
there is only one type of concave :P
you said there are two possibilities
i meant.. in concave mirror itself.. there are two places u can keep the object.. such that u get image 2m away. can you think which are the two cases ?
in front of and behind
u can't be something BEHIND the mirror.. if u go BEHIND the mirror.. there is NO reflection darling!
like inside the focal point and behind the focal point
Ahaa.. yea.. thats the one so if the object is kept Between the mirror (pole) and the focal point.. will u get real or virtual image?
perfect.. will this be magnified or diminished ?
yuppeerrss so.. it could be this case.. so the image could be virtual.. and magnified.. so in this case the magnification is positive hence in this case... magnification = + 200/10 = 20 ( i wonder how u got 5 as the answer o.O) now is it possible to keep the object in such a way, that u get a real enlarged image?
so would it be the concave that is in front of the focal point just because we have to get a real image and not a virtual one?
and where did you get 200 from?
you mean "outside its focal point?" YES so in this case ALSO the given condition is satisfied hence.. in this case, the magification is negative magnification = image distance/ object distance ( i am not considering signs .. cause i dunno what sign convention u use.. don't wanna confuse u.. ) image distance = 2m = 200cm object distance = 10cm
so in the real case u would end up with Real image, and -20 as the magnification!
ohh! okay! thank you sooo muchh
no problem! :) :)!

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