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PLEASE HELP ME!!!! 1. historians use both primary and secondary sources to research the past. suppose that you were writing a report on New Mexico's envolvment with world war 2 suggest one primary and one secondary source that could help on your research. the explain why using both sources would improve your report
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I'd go up to the Navajo Reservation and track down some Code Talkers and interview them for a primary source. Or check out articles from the time period in the the Albuquerque Journal. New Mexico has an official State Historian's Office. That would be a good place to find a good secondary source. Or identify who at UNM specializes in WWII and see what they have written. While you're checking the Journal, they probably have done a summary of NM and WWII somewhere along the way. They may even have something on the website. But definitely talk to a code talker if you can. I love those old guys. And hurry because they are going fast.

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