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OpenStudy 2014 CENSUS: PLEASE participate. This is just a SHORT survey (unless you're a slow reader/typer). Once you joined. You're entitled to be ANONYMOUS. NO email needed; NO name needed. ----------------------------------------------------- JUST CLICK THIS LINK to start the survey: ----------------------------------------------------- FOR THE SUMMARY of the RESULTS: BY THE WAY: I need more respondents. SO if you guys could just TAG the names of whomever you know (in the comment box below). ALSO TO THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE (IN THE OLD SURVEY): Please take this again. As you know that someone has TRASHED the previous' survey results. THANKS :D P. S. Please answer as ACCURATELY as possible for accurate results. And take the survey ONCE. You may comment DONE if you want. THANK YOU GUYS & GALS FOR JOINING :D

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TOP COMMENTS FROM THE "PREVIOUS SURVEY" (which by the way has a trashy result page, since SOMEONE has typed nonsense on the USERNAME Text): @Mashy : surely we need more and more users to come and take the survey.. it would be a big help for OS.. to understand the statistics of their users kudos bro!! .. @Rina.r : Thanks :D Its was really short. @MathLegend : Done! @undeadknight26 : Cool beans quite cool to do this XD @Xmoses1 : I did it and it seriously only took like thirty seconds :P @mayankdevnani : Good and nice survey @kaylala . this is first OPEN STUDY CENSUS 2014......Hope in every 4 years,it will continues. @secret66 : People...It's just to see how many Asians, Africans, Americans, etc are there. As for the Age and gender. It's nothing harmful or private in it... @Vallarylynn16 : lol, mass tagging again .-. anywho, the results are interesting ^.^ @Oscarmenot : I love all the sarcastic responses
THANK YOU ALL! You guys are the best!

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Other answers:

Just so you've been curious Here's the link to the OLD OpenStudy CENSUS/SURVEY: AND here's the OLD OS RESULT PAGE: P.S. The results here was trashed. Since someone has allegedly typed in a long and useless info.
Yey! Thank you @Pooch
Welcome! xD
cool beans ma fav XD
Awesome man! @undeadknight26
Sure @kaylala i will try to get as many user as i can to do this survey.
@kaylala i did it
\(\bbox[5pt, #33fd33 ,border:5px solid #872af0]{\bf\huge\ Bacon \ is\ Yummy!!}\)
:D i really appreciate it @Rina.r
@ShadowLegendX awesome comment dude!!! creative
thanks @AntiNode
I did it.
Doone [: !
I didn't see my name. I am pretty new to OpenStudy. I've only been here for about two months.
Super easy~
Thanks ;)
Done ^_^
done :)
y did u tag me
do i have to do anythin
wow mass tagging!
I finished, @kaylala
Cool had fun.
@factor as being a member of openstudy u were supposed to fill the survey form
You don't have to fill out the survey form.
It aint compulsary
i know
i'm done
done :)

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