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Why does Islam appeal to so many people?

HippoCampus Religion
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Science has grown, education has increases, and religious people who have doubts on their religion enjoy the phenomenal aspects of the Quran. So my answer is, Islam consists of scientific understanding which appeals to people's consideration.
yes excatly
zale is right

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Other answers:

portrayal in the media
it's a minor simple website that indicates how science confirms Islam enjoy
@Zale101 All the scientific claims in the Qur'an refuted:
@InspiredAtheist will you explain how people back in the 7th century knew about a man is created from a small part of semen, aka sperm and it's what defines the baby's gender. “It is He Who has created you from dust then from a sperm-drop, then from a leech-like clot; then does he get you out (into the light) as a child: then lets you (grow and) reach your age of full strength; then lets you become old,- though of you there are some who die before;- and lets you reach a term appointed; in order that you may learn wisdom.” [40:67] So tell me, how did people back in the 7th century really new about chromosomes? That the male gametes hold the x or y chromosomes and it determines the sex of babies and for everyone else? Did they have microscopes that made them see beyond the zygote? Let me answer it for you, the almighty Allah knows everything and the best for everyone :) There's other scientific evidence in the Quran regarding the big bang theory (one of Allah's method of earth's creation), the layers of the atmosphere, earth altogether, the stages of human's embryonic development and how it attaches to the uterus like a leech You're just randomly searching Quran criticisms on the internet, when you basically know nothing of the Quran!!! That doesn't mean if you despise Islam you'll disagree with every scientific evidences in the Quran. Your hypocrisy will lead you nowhere with your future atheistic debates.
The site you’re showing me is made by random people with random conversations, like forum? You know something, i'm not reading that. How can you trust it? Look for articles made by real scientists NOT biased information from the internet!
The site you linked says scientists agree with islam but Alfred Kroner comments and says how he was tricked
tricked? tricked by what? :P
he was tricked into answer questions in their favor, watch the video were he now refutes the claims.
I'm not watching a video that's only 616 views, and the topic of it is Islamic phobia. Religion judgmentals are the blindest people. Criticizes religion based on the race's actions and then criticizes everything in the holy book without admitting anything good about it. Why? Because they want to satisfy their behaviors on hating Islam.
It isn't islamaphobia, just like the bible has been put under criticism so has Islam. The only reason islamaphobia exists is for the muslims, and their political games. When any rational person tries to criticizes the quran for any reason, muslims jump on the train saying it's islamaphobia, etc. So much of freedom is limited by religion that is what people judge and criticize it. It's not about satisfying any behaviors but finding the truth.
There’s a lot of intelligent people who are looking for the truth, but there’s still the huge percentage of people who craves for satisfying their own behavior and opinion. I’m not criticizing those who are willing to find the truth, am i? The truth seekers are the most people I acknowledge whether they are Atheists, Agnostic, Deistic, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. As long as they are truthful to themselves and to their surroundings, I won’t be able to criticize their intention of being islamaphobia, but islamaphobia do exists and I hope you already know that. Once a person exposes a behavior where he/she is stereotyping Muslims, that’s what I call Islamaphobia. I refer those who are islamaphobia when they link me sites of people’s opinions on Islamic hatred rather than scientific investigations of the Quran. I am not jumping to conclusions, it’s the way you didn’t respond regarding the miracles of quran I described above and you still linked some biased information. Why didn’t you correct me instead :( ? So I concluded you were just like the other people who are Islamic phobia.
I did not reply with a biased link, the science that originates in the Koran is true, but to a limited extent. Look at the claim that the Koran has the embryonic stages in detail correctly. This is false, and has been disprove, if something is disproven, does it not mean the Koran is wrong which proves it is not the word of god? The YouTube link shows Alfred Kroner the guy who said the Koran was scientifically right, redacted his statement saying it was taken far out of proportion. All the things you say are scientific miracles don't stand up to scrutiny. I understand islamaphobia is a real thing, I stand for tolerance of religions as well, I am not an islamaphobic person rather just someone who is skeptical of the Koran being from divine origins. It is funny how nearly all Muslims classify me as an islamaphobe for just being skeptical of the Koran. If you really questioned the Koran you would be able to see what it is contradictory to modern science. Just a general question do you Muslims find questioning the Koran wrong?
“Do you Muslims find questioning the Koran wrong? " Do you Muslims? Seriously -.- The way how you wrote that made me think how stereotypical you are. Do you consider all Muslims to have the same kind mind and decisions? Do you think if one thinks it is wrong to question the Quran that means everyone thinks it's wrong? Then why was the Masjid built for? It is built for anyone who wants to learn or question their doubts on Islam so they can get the appropriate answer. Please explain what you meant by this question. I don't find it wrong, it is not wrong to learn the truth about God, but there's some other mad extremist who do find it wrong. I do question myself regarding the Quran, but I find the Holy Quran, as whole, extremely convincing to me. It is my opinion and my choice, so deal with it -.-

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