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why is The Old Testament is no longer relevant to young people today

HippoCampus Religion
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i am doing an assignment based on this question if you have any idea please reply thank you
any answer
thereis no right wrong in this question

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Other answers:

The Holy Bible is about Freedom and Responsibility and even through our country supposedly stands for freedom our present culture wants us to submit rather to question. I agree we all at the beginning of our lives must submit and learn from our environment, but there must come a point when we start to question and take some sort of responsibility in our individual lives, this is what I see taken away in the absence of religion. What people have lost is God is the only true path to Freedom, all the rest are artificial, man made, and just lead to a six foot hole.
ok thank you very much for your response
Maybe because they think it's outdated and it doesn't apply for today? Maybe even that it's old fashioned.
Eternal Truths are never outdated or old fashion, the way life was then still is today its just today we are so arrogant to think we are it and no more. Life and Death struggles still exist whether were willing to admit it or not. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die was the slogan for many back then as it is now. This is exasperated today because few people feel they have any real control over their own lives and don't have a experience of the Devine.
I wasn't saying that I think it's old fashioned because I read everyday and try to live my life according to it's standards. But I am young and a lot of young people I know don't read it because they think it''s boring and a bunch of rules. But it's not, it's a protection from God and a privilege of everlasting life if we choose to follow it. :)
If you read the KJV Holy Bible you'll notice its in the 16th century language which is vastly different to todays English. For example originally the word "with" had a meaning "so as to be separated or detached from", if you use this definition in St. Matthew 1:23 "God with us" takes on an entirely different meaning, where us are the ancient Jews. It can also be used in Exodus 20:23 which may help you get a better understanding of that Commandment. I use the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary 11th Edition which gives the date the word first came into the English Language, this is a prerequisite for any period reading.
It is relevant only because Jesus went to the cross we can go directly to him rather than sacrifice animals.
The Old Testament is no longer relevant to young today because civilised society has advanced and progressed a very long way since the old testament was written (thousands of years ago)
Not at all @UnkleRhaukus, modern society and technology has nothing to do with the relevance of the old testament. In fact Modern society is a very sick and twisted world and unanimously goes against everything the bible represents and requests from the people of the world.
i'm not talking about technology, i'm talking about things like slavery
Slavery is relative, back then you could live on the land to support yourself and family. Today you have economic slavery, everyone has to eat, and those that apparently have more ability in todays environment seem to be on top. Consider the IQ distribution, 50% normal, 25% above and 25% below. 20% of the populace make over $120, 000 pre year while 10% of the populace live on SSD and SSI making less than 12,000 per year and the rest are somewhere between. Whatever natural aptitude one has they should be thankful, not take it for granted, and understand there are many with much less ability. You have to realize the lower middle class just has enough to survive let alone thrive as the upper middle class. Generally the ancient Hebrews didn't enslave each other they were considered themselves one family as we do today following the Christian principle that humanity is one family. I know even today we fall short.
thank you guys
i agree with Orwell84

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