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HISTORY HELP PLEASE! It wont be easy and you dont have to do it for me, but I would love the help. :) Step One: Create a Top Five list of events related to westward expansion that affected African Americans. Review the lesson for compromises and consequences to help make your list. Events you should consider include the following: Missouri Compromise Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act Dred Scott v. Sandford Fugitive Slave Act Nat Turner's Rebellion Bleeding Kansas Harpers Ferry Step Two: Explain your reasoning for the item you ranked as the #1 event with strongest impact.

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I know it is alot, but I'm not asking you to do it for me, I would just like some help.
You have to give me a minute to look over each one. I don't know off the top of my head but I am familiar with these terms

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Other answers:

It's ok, Thank you for helping ^^^^
@Shay17 ... you still there? ;-;
Yea I'm here still working on it
Ok, sorry to bother
when is this due ?
uuh.. tonight... DX Its 11:26 P.M..
Procrastination is wonderful in the beginning, but come back to bite you in the butt.
It sure is because I can definitely help you but not right now. Ughhh i'm so mad because I really wanted to help you but I'm leaving to go out with my friends right now I wish it was due tomorrow night lol
Do you get a second chance to turn it in if you don't do good the first time ?
If I dont get two more assignments turned in by tonight I'm going to be kicked out of my history class.. xD But go out with your friends. It's not YOUR responsibility.
Someone else will help me I'm sure!
I hope.
Lol that sucks I feel bad. But good luck to you : )
ty. :)
Cydney, I love history but I've never learned about this before I'm sorry. I feel bad that I don't know this.
There is really no right or wrong answer. It's just how you justify your answer so what I would do is write down two or three facts about each one and decide which events related to westward expansion affected African Americans. Top 5 of course and really all you have to do is justify why you think which ever one was the number one. It's your own opinion
Its ok.. someone has to help me right? xD Thanks Shay17 <3 luv u, but I ndont really know what those topics ARE..
But you have to hurry! lol
I knoww.... I'll figure it out right? ha ha.. ha...... D: Well wish me luck! xD
You have to research them lol. That's the only way I could help you. It's a lot I know but that's because you didn't time well. This takes more than 20 minutes to do especially if you have no idea what these topics are
You have less than one hour to complete this. :-/ I recommend you go with these five: Bleeding Kansas Missouri Compromise Compromise of 1850 Fugitive Slave Act Dred Scott v. Sandford The event which you choose to have the number 1 impact must be explained. \(#1\) Fugitive Slave Act \(#2\) Dred Scott v. Sandford \(#3\) Compromise of 1850 \(#4\) Missouri Compromise \(#5\) Bleeding Kansas I chose the Fugitive Slave Act as the number one event for having the most impact on westward expansion that affected African Americans. My reason is that the Fugitive Slave Act re-brought the issue of slavery in the North. Before the Fugitive Slave Act slaves would try running North to escape slavery but with the Fugitive Slave Act, the North was now forced to report any runaway slaves, if they didn't they would be punished. Though the law wasn't as successful as the South hoped, North abolitionists openly defied the law, and criticism of the law started. The Fugitive Slave Act maybe even saw the turning point of time in when people generally started to see that slavery was wrong.
What @SmallTrick said.
@Cydney_Morgan make sure you paraphrase @SmallTrick's work. You don't want to get in trouble for plagiarism
I know, I hate to copy >.< I really like to learn.
Yes but you're really needed this bad lol. I'm in the car on my phone on openstudy now lol I was worried
LOL I swear to god I hope your not driving.
Lol No! I don't even have my license!!!!!
GOOD omg u scared me.
Lol inbox me though
You don't seem to need any more help.
kk, I need to get to work! Bye guys! I'll message again if I need anymore help <3
@SmallTrick You are describing the Fugitive Slave Act as a turning point correct? If so I agree though you may want to try to throw in some names. Such as Harriet Beecher Stowe who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin which was an inspiring story that sparked even more criticism about the act.
Good call... Thanks @Opcode and @SmallTrick
I would have though she was rushing, less than thirty minutes you know. Thanks for the input tho
No problem, good luck. :-)

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