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The string marionettes from one state in India are simple but expressive puppets. Each puppet is controlled by only two strings. The puppets do not need legs; instead, they have long, pleated skirts. In the hands of a skilled puppeteer, the movements of these simple puppets can imply very complicated actions. Professional puppeteers have been entertaining for centuries. The warrior lifts his sword; a dancer raises her hem. Puppet shows take place outside. The audience sits on the ground in front of the stage. The stage is made up of two poles with a brightly colored cloth stretched between them. The puppeteers stand behind the cloth, while the puppets are arranged in front. Until each character is ready to be used, it hangs in full view, in a row with the rest of the puppets. In fact, the line of puppets, called the court, is considered the most important feature of the stage set. Because the shows are usually performed at night, two oil lamps at either side of the stage are needed to illuminate the figures. These puppets have an unusual life cycle. Some families have generations of professional puppeteers, and fathers pass down puppets to their sons. Eventually, however, the puppet wears out, and when it does, a very unusual ritual takes place. A prayer is said for the puppet, and it is floated down a river that is considered holy. If the puppet floats for a long time, puppeteers believe its actions on earth have been kindly judged. Which of these words from the paragraph is NOT a transitional word or phrase? a. Until c. In fact b. Some d. Eventually
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