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Less and less Muslim women are wearing the hijab, why do you think this is? Also if you are a Muslim women please say if you wear or do not wear one and why.

HippoCampus Religion
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Im not muslim but my mother is and she chooses to wear the hijab (we hispanic btw she converted). The thing is more and more muslim woman feel like they dont fit in with others when they wear the hijab and they end up being embarrassed and thinking its uncool or they honestly think that wearing the hijab isnt a huge deal and that they wont go to hell for not wearing it. Some woman think there is way more to Islam that wearing the hijab and that there are many other more important things to focus on in the religion, according to their beliefs.
I know i couldve explained it so much better but i got lots to do.
your welcome

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Other answers:

Peer pressure is a great force on young people, especially when it comes to secular society. Things have changed since I was in school, I'm 63, but even then I was party to a number on negative influences. Its different when the morals you develop are just from your family and religion, peers have different religions or none at all and we must learn to adapt, deal, with them. Hopefully the negative influences we encounter can be overcome without to much personal harm, the real world may not be that nice. Learn what you can as a youth and as an adult adopt a way of being that you can live with.
I actually feel like more people have started to wear the hijab out of their own will. In countries within Europe and the US that is. The middle-east, not so much. A certain 'freedom' has spread and women are trying to stand up for themselves. In most households, they don't get to choose when or whether to wear it at all, they're forced into it. And at a very young age to boost. The more you're forced into doing something, the less you want to do it. At least -as a non hijabi- I feel that way. There's also the thought, 'will this really change me', 'will this change my way of belief'. I, myself think not.
There's an old saying "Clothes make the man" which has some truth. It came out of a time when what one wore is not only what one could afford but what was used to conform. I really don't like today's youths that try to wear the individuality on the outside, hair, tattoos, piercing, and really don't know what really makes up and individual. I took on a look in 2006, 55 years old, in which I no longer trimmed my side bangs or mouse, ie poll, or beard, that conform to Biblical texts. I'm still an individual and choose to express certain religious beliefs on the outside, they have specific meaning but in the area I live few if any ask why. There's a difference to having an outside according to your imagination then having an outside according to ones religion. This is a product of our time in which man respect what can be imagined more the God the Father.

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