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Sunjata is an example of
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1. All of the following lines from the poem represent supernatural events in "Sunjata" except (1 point) (0 pts) "That Ma'an Sunjata, God made him into a person." (0 pts) "Through sorcery they stretched the tendons of his two feet." (1 pt) "Let him forge an iron staff so I can walk." (0 pts) "He embraced a baobab tree...he uprooted it, and then put it on his shoulder." 0 /1 point 2. The sorceresses most likely agree to Sunjata's offer of three antelope because (1 point) (0 pts) They like Sunjata better than Dankaran Tuman. (1 pt) Three antelope provide more meat than one bull. (0 pts) They prefer antelope meat to a bull's meat. (0 pts) Sunjata was the son of a Condé woman. 1 /1 point 3. At the end of the poem, Sunjata is most likely saved by (1 point) (0 pts) God's blessing. (0 pts) the sorceress's friendship. (1 pt) his generosity with others. (0 pts) his popularity among the people. 0 /1 point For questions 4–5, identify the correct verb form of the underlined verb. 4. By the end of the week, be sure you have brung your artwork to Mrs. Davis, the art teacher. (1 point) (0 pts) bring (0 pts) bringing (0 pts) bringed (1 pt) brought1 /1 point 5. Make sure that you have holded on to your sketches. (1 point) (0 pts) hold (0 pts) holding (1 pt) held (0 pts) helded 1 /1 point "Africa" 6. All of the following lines from the poem show an example of personification except (1 point) (1 pt) "Africa of whom my grandmother sings." (0 pts) "But your blood flows in my veins." (0 pts) "Africa tell me Africa." (0 pts) "And saying yes to the whip under the midday sun." 0 /1 point 7. Africa is compared to a "back that is bent" to most likely to show all of the following except (1 point) (0 pts) the hard work of the people. (1 pt) the people have lost all hope. (0 pts) the abuse of the land owners. (0 pts) the degrading effect of slavery. 0 /1 point 8. Read the following lines from "Africa." That is Africa your Africa that grows again patiently obstinately And its fruit gradually acquires The bitter taste of liberty. The poet describes the "taste of liberty" as "bitter" most likely to imply that the people of Africa (1 point) (0 pts) worked as slaves for many years. (1 pt) earned freedom at a difficult price. (0 pts) cannot spoil the beauty of the land. (0 pts) were stubborn in the face of adversity. 1 /1 point

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