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which video lectures on differential equation should i watch as a beginner ... ?

Differential Equations
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are you familiar with separable ? and taken calcIII and linear algebra before ?
if so try this :
@rational plz reply

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Other answers:

calcIII and linear algebra are prerequisites for that course..
@rational i have completed just calculus I and II .... can u plz suggest me the complete list of sequence of courses i should go through the right way....
@rational i am waiting for ur reply with great eagerness....
any there to answer me further....
take linear algebra and calcIII (multivariable calc) parallely they are needed for doing differential equations below is the logical order : single variable calc(I and II) linear algebra : multivariable calc(calcII and III) differential equations :
@rational single variable and multivariable cal come in calcaulusI and calculusII ? plz clear my this last point....
yep you wil get to see more variables in calcIII only, in MIT courses there is a overlap between II and III
@rational can i take calculusIII before linear algebra?
they have everything in I, II, III packed in two courses : 1) single variable (18.01) 2) multi variable (18.02)
calcIII uses some lienar algebra in the end - curl and del operators are defined in terms of determinants
if you knw basics in linear algebra like matrices/determinants, you can take calcIII directly
but linear algebra is a must for differential equations
@rational yup i know martrices/determinants....... rational plz i want to do further after differential equation... what i can ? you r helping me alot...
@sourwing may guide u better or @eliassaab ... im into engineering so i may not be the right person to guide lol...
@rational thanks a lot... where i can get sourwing or eliasaab...?
well you start at lecture 1. I mean there is a reason why it's called lecture one lol
@sourwing i just sent u a private msg.... plz answer it...
@sourwing i have done cal I and II and further suggest me a complete list plz ..
are you asking which course you should take next?
well, take calc 3 just so you finish all the calculus classes.
@sourwing ... plz suggest me a list of 4-5 courses in sequence like now cal3 then and then and then? i hope u got my point..
well, are you a math major?
no i am 10th class math failed really..... but it is my goal to achieve
depends on which major you take when you're in college. Most engineering majors are required to take only up to linear algebra and differential equation. None is prerequisites for the other. As soon as you finished calc2, you can take calc3, linear algebra, and differential equation in any order. I took calc 3 and differential equations at the same time, and then took linear algeba
if you're not crazy about math, then just take math course at a time. I would take calc 3, then differential equation, then linear algebra
@sourwing and @rational thanks a lot really ..... thanks a lot...
no prob
its not a problem if u take cal3+linear algebra together they are two independent courses

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