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What is the "advantage/disadvantage" of "chat box at each subject"....?

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i will say this, that this may be "finished"... as more members are over there for having fun only and there are some members in the main questions area for guide.... @amistre64 @preetha @myininaya @hero @saifoo.khan
What may be finished? I honestly think "chat boxes" aren't needed. It attracts too much drama. The main focus of the site should be studying and guiding. It would be cool if we could offer advice and give guidance and use the chats in a mature way. I just don't see that happening much. Now, just to clarify, this is how I feel about the chats.
@myininaya.... i am saying that "chat boxes" should me finished.... i have seen many good members over there for fun only... and every time it is blinking due to chat... and i am agree with this point "The main focus of the site should be studying and guiding"... many members over the "chat boxes" were using abusive language and are fighting.... i have reported many... and have a proof of this too... it will be good if this is stopped and these members are pushed towards the questions section, so that they may guide users in their respective questions, instead of having fun.... that's my request....

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Other answers:

Having fun isn't against the rules. Being abusive and using bad language is though.
I thought that the purpose of chat was to give users a place to interact and take a break from educational stuff. The chat is also (I think) the reason why people get hooked onto OpenStudy :P Yes there should be less chat boxes to maintain, Yes there are bad stuff going on, Yes it can get out of hand at times, but No the chat boxes are not really for educational purposes. It can be used as an extension to get people to look at their questions and such, and have educational debates in, but it was not made for strictly educational reasons. Anyways, most of the time it would be people who can't help with questions talking in the chats. Most of the time, the people that can help with answering questions would be around answering question and not in chats. That is just what I've observed anyways .-.
I have never liked the chat boxes or the personal message system. They are simply rife with abuse. There are other venues that they can persue to 'chat' and be perverts on other than using this website. But it just isnt my call to make :/
The real problem is that we don't have any tools to moderate the chat or personal messages. If we have an option to lock these features for people, the site would be a better place. These features are already locked for people who visit the site as a guest. Wouldn't be too hard to enable this mode for online users.
Now to answer this question: I agree with the fact that chat can get out of hand, be crazy, and some users become abussive and break the rules. But I have helped many users by them posting questions in chat, also as said earlier, chat is the big hook that keeps OS users coming back, it is highly unlikely that this feature will be removed as this is one of the major attractions of OS and the site would not want to lose users. With all the chats to monitor, we just need more staff monitoring them. We have a good community and I see plenty of users reporting but we need the moderators and admins involved in these firefights with the spammers, trolls, abusers, etc. Along with having the moderators and admins being more active in chat, the option of more staff being added is open and I wouldn't mind new purples patrolling the skies. This is something that @Preetha would decide.
chat boxes are fun :)

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