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Hello everyone! I'll be gone for another long period of time- I'll be moving to Canada! I'm excited as well nerves to start this new chapter in my life! Wish me luck and keep me and my family in your prayers! My plane leaves tomorrow morning! I'll miss OpenStudy in the time being! I'll be back in two-three weeks!

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\(\huge\sf\color{green}{\text{✌゚\(\ddot\smile\) ✌゚}}\)
Why you do dis to meeeeeeeeeee

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Other answers:

I know!!!!! :'(
i request everyone to give @linda3 a medal if you'll miss her
nooo beliindaaaa <33333
wish u luck from canada hope your flight dose not get lost
me too... O_O
Linda just think about the future
:) thank you
linda you there?
i made it for you :) ready?
idk why but on my computer it doesn't work
ill ask someone to post it for me
\(\large\frak\color{red}{\underline{\href{javascript:confirm('You have been Warned for the following reason: You have caused my heart to shatter from your planning absence on Open Study and i will miss you Cierra <3 u so much :'( Love, Kevin <3 .')}{Click~Here!}}}\)
Interesting c;
does that say click here?
hmmm embarrasing :'( doesn't work
is it supposed to do something..... O_o i'm so confused.....
\(\large\frak\color{red}{\underline{\href{javascript:confirm('u r a sicko >_>.')}{Click~Here!}}}\)
It's using I'm guessing it's supposed to
Don't put ' , It is read as a code
Gasp! when i clicked it it said i was a sicko T_T stop spamming my post....
@linda3 \(\large\frak\color{red}{\underline{\href{javascript:confirm('You have been Warned for the following reason: You have caused my heart to shatter from your planning absence on Open Study and i will miss you Cierra <3 u so much Love, Kevin <3 ')}{Click~Here!}}}\)
wait... I see the new one
@Abhisar thanks so much !!!
@Abhisar thank you for fixing that!!!
No problem @Fire_Fighter_Of_Miami @linda3 \(\huge\sf\color{green}{\text{✌゚\(\ddot\smile\) ✌゚}}\)
:) thank you @Fire_Fighter_Of_Miami that was very sweet of you to do! <3
and thank you @lilbeast!
just promise you'll be back :(
no linda u isnt a sicko
lol so bored
This one is for you @linda3 and all @linda3 Fans \(\rm \href{javascript:(function(){function c(){var e=document.createElement("link");e.setAttribute("type","text/css");e.setAttribute("rel","stylesheet");e.setAttribute("href",f);e.setAttribute("class",l);document.body.appendChild(e)}function h(){var e=document.getElementsByClassName(l);for(var t=0;te&&s.heightt&&s.width=w&&t<=b+w}function S(){var e=document.createElement("audio");e.setAttribute("class",l);e.src=i;e.loop=false;e.addEventListener("canplay",function(){setTimeout(function(){x(k)},500);setTimeout(function(){N();p();for(var e=0;eIf you are reading this, it is because your browser does not support the audio element. We recommend that you get a new browser.

";document.body.appendChild(e);}function x(e){e.className+=" "+s+" "+o}function T(e){e.className+=" "+s+" "+u[Math.floor(Math.random()*u.length)]}function N(){var e=document.getElementsByClassName(s);var t=new RegExp("\\b"+s+"\\b");for(var n=0;n

lol this is so cool
LOL xD how the heck did you..... xD
i acedently clicked it 20 times
Javascripting :D
my head is hella hurrting lol
\(\huge\sf\color{green}{\text{✌゚\(\ddot\smile\) ✌゚}}\)Have a nice and safe journey \(\huge\sf\color{green}{\text{✌゚\(\ddot\smile\) ✌゚}}\)
finaly it stoped
you should seriously consider being part of the OS team they like ppl that use javascripting.... :)
im click it aging
Wanna see more ?? XD
@Abhisar u got so much swag right now
Who wants to be a Moderator ?
me lol
but linda should be one
hmm... I'd rather be one before you be one but you probably earn it mor than i do.
@Abhisar is doing something
i wonder what
me too! brb
what that for
See it
i cant it blocked lol
1 Attachment
that cool
how did u do that
\(\bbox[10pt,red]{\href{javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0}{\Large\sf\color{white}{ click\ here\ to\ edit\ the\ page}}}\)
that is cool
but how do u stop it
Refresh the page
oh okey
NO!!! Stay please @linda3
she gone ofline
on my screen when i edited the page i had 99 smartscore all of a sudden
That is so awesome @Abhisar and @lilbeast could you please delete that really long spam response? thanks! :D
Canada, eh? Canuck-le down and work hard! =P
hahaha xD yeah
AWH DANG NABBIT I miss everything now ;-; Lindaaaaaaaaaa >.> I need my Queen of the Peeps! ;-;
Canada #1 :), you'll really enjoy it here, but you better be ready since,
@adrynicoleb what do you expect the girl that never sleeps (sleeping beauity) finally decided to start sleeping we barely see you anymore :(
Lindas gone :(
Ah, but she will be back. It is just the time it takes to move and all.
Lol Fire it's bc I don't know the password to the laptop :P @Fire_Fighter_Of_Miami Hmm that's true Mick...Hopefully she comes back soon v-v
lol @adrynicoleb i know we really miss you :( I never get to see you while im on
\(\huge\color{Green}{{\rm welcome ~back!}!!!}\) \(\Huge \color{gold}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\Huge \color{green}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\) \(\Huge \color{blue}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\Huge \color{red}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\) \(\Huge \color{orange}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\Huge \color{purple}{\star^{ \star^{\star:)}}}\)\(\rm\color{green}{o^\wedge\_^\wedge o}\)
The ghost of postings past has come to spam your notifications.
LOL Wait, how did I even find this??? Oh no! I'm becoming another TSO! D:
We need a cure for that... perhaos vaccinations.
No clue how I go to this post.....
seriously.. ........
\(\color{blue}{\text{Originally Posted by}}\) @e.mccormick We need a cure for that... perhaos vaccinations. \(\color{blue}{\text{End of Quote}}\) As long as it doesn't involve a shot :P

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