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Can genital herpes disqualify you from being in the marines?

Health Sciences
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LOL, i dunno man, but I was in the Australian army and they are super strict about being physically fit for service. which means everything from having a short hair cut, to being fit and healthy to yes, not having any std's.
I guess it would be different for every country. Some a more strict about it than others. Herpes Simplex type 1 (genital herpes) will probably not disqualify you, neither will STD's that can be cured. I guess the only one would be HIV (aids) or hepatis
I don't know how lenient or nonchalant the american army is but i can tell you right now you wouldnt be accepted into the RADF unless you were 110% physically and mentally combat effective.

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Other answers:

if you have any ailment they will more than likely simply deny you entry until it is cured and even then you may not get in, the army doesnt appreciate weak links.
its one big long chain and everyone relies on their mates, you do not wanna be the guy who lets the rest down.
yes, my ex boyfriend had a small cut on his foot when he went to boot camp and they sent him back home until it healed, they don't want anyone with health problems because once you join it is there job to pay for all your health needs so they don't let people in that have health problems

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