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Eid MUbarak to all my Muslims brothers and sisters May ALLAH keep us in his blessing...

HippoCampus Religion
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EID DAY & PRAYER DOs AND DO NOTs FOR WOMEN 1. No Make up 2. No Perfume 3. Yes, Proper Hijab. 4. No unnecessary mixing with opposite gender. 5. Yes to dua against black eye or evil since you all lovelies are going to look beautiful after all the hardwork of Ramadan أعوذ بكلمات الله التامات من شر ما خلق لم تضرك A'udhu bikalimatillahit-tammati min sharri ma khalaqa I seek the protection of Allah's Perfect Words from the evil of whatever He has created {Sahih Muslim}. To see this hadith in detail check our next post. 6. Yes to modest dressing. 7. Give Zakah al fitr before Eid. 8. It is Haraam to fast the day of Eid. 9. It is haram to shake hands (or) hug the opposite sex who are not mahrem. 10. To visit the graves specifically on the day of the Eid is an innovation. If one visits the graves throughout the year, there is no particular harm, and actually will be rewarded since it is from the sunnah. One should not make it a point to do on this day only. 11. Yes to Ghusl. 12. Yes to good clothes not necessarily "NEW". Please reflect what you learned during Ramadan and practice it inshaAllah Do not indulge in Haraam or wrong things during Eid or Eid Prayer. Ramadan came to train us for the entire year, lets keep that training alive.

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Other answers:

Eid Mubarak @Haseeb96! :D Have a great one ^_^
and thank you for the wishes :)
just leave all the fights and become one body give hug to eachother ... It will reduce the envy and haughtiness...
khair mubarak yar... Allah bless you @Haseeb96
jazakallahu khair nd wish u a very happy eid. May Almighty Alla shoer his blessings on all of us. aameen yaarabbal aalameen.:)
jazakallahu khair nd I wish u a very happy eid.:) @TwinYang
@TwinYang same here man... Happy Eid Mubarak to you too :)
likewise ;)
thanxx @Haseeb96 and also happy returns of the day just coming to you...!!! but still i have one request to everyone... plz in your happineses of enjoying EID alot with you families in your houses ...plz plz plz dont forget you muslim brothers and sisters waiting for a miracle undeer the open sky in PALISTINE to save them from bruital actions of israhell...plz pray for them and keep thier pain iny our heart...
Eid Mubarak :) To you and All Allah bless us all
Eid Mubarak! May Allah bless us all!!! :)
^_^ Eid mobarak
EID MUBARAK to all of u guyz!!
U too...:)
insa bari dinu baad :) eid mubarak...
Didnt saw it earlier :p u too @paki
hmmm.. i am always here... :) bass ap ne tag nahi kiya apni question mai @insa
Lol i will when I'll need help :p
sure... :)
wah bahi maimi :)
kuch nahi
thank you :) u too have great Eid day with your respected family!!
Wow I am late to this... Hope everyone had a blessed Eid. :-) A few items on your list though are Islamically baseless. However not to spoil the mood, we can discuss this later if you wish. :-)
SAME to u @Haseeb and @paki
Happy eik mubarrik and sorry for getting late brother and sisters

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