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Traditionally the U.S. is said to have separation of Church and State, an historical misnomer, it's actually separation of Religion and State. This make the political system irreligious based on the first ancient democracy, Greece, and seeing they considered their god's myths, only on it's philosophy and science. The founding of the U.S. was a democratic, initially only white male property owners, republic under laws and capitalism. No matter how altruistic some were in the revolution the fact remains it was a selfish means for some to preserve and increase their wealth.
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Thought provoking, but not shocking. A large percentage of atheist claim God/religion is the strongest force of problems in this world, and that removing religion and God everything would get better. Amusing how they forget the human ego is just greedy. +1 on teaching me something new, I genuinely did not know that it was Religion and State. I have always been taught that it was Church and State.
  • KenLJW
I've read articles recently about atheist churches and I thought it quite incongruous. Personally I think it should be religions not churches. Yes an atheist has as set of attitudes, beliefs, and practices which on there own can be considered a religion my question is how do they propagate in society. There are certain experiences, common to mankind, that are not well understood and may be why religions came about, and my personal opinion why certain Deities well eventually appear. It really isn't my position to judge the past but my present position is I don't have to protect my religion or it's Deities its supposed to be the other way around. I recently had certain experiences and eventually a voice in my head asked if I would kill for him and I said no. Due to my past personal experience, studies, and understanding I really had no choice whether that was God or not. If you read "The Act of the Apostles" chapter 5 you'll see where two people where killed by a spirit, therefore for me to outwardly kill and put myself in jeopardy would by contrary to any types of sanity. I neither wish or ask, pray, for another's harm but that is not my call.

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