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2. Based on what you know about feelings between the American and Chinese communities, which of the following plot events is most likely to occur? A. Moon Shadow will excel in an american school setting. B. Father will save enough money to bring mother and grandmother over from china.**** C. Robin and Moon Shadow are unsure about each other but find friendship. D. Black dog will find moon shadow and father to seek revenge on them for their actions. 4. Which of the following word pairs best shows the difference between Miss Whitlaw's house and the room Moon Shadow shares with his father? A. poor vs rich B. disorderly vs calm C plentiful vs sparse** D. homey vs businesslike 5. Which of the following traits distinguishes Miss Whitlaw from other "demons"? A. generosity**** B. independence C. morality D. height 6.Which of the following incidents best illustrates the "dragon" within Windrider? A. Windrider is able to fix small machines with relative ease. B. Winderider uses a strange whistle to frighten the men in the alley. ** C. Windrider is not willing to let Black Dog go unpunsihed for his actions. D. Windrider calms Moon Shadow's fears eah time they travel through the demons' town. 7. Which of the following quotes best reflects Miss Whitlaw's attitude toward her niece? A."Oh, that child, she'll be the death of me yet." B."I told you not to spy on our new guests." C."I call you my treasure, too. Though not very often, I'll admit."*** D."Robin plays it well." 8. Based on evidence from the text, which of the following can you most likely conclude about Moon Shadow? A. He feels like an outsider even within the borders of Chinatown.*** b. He does not really understand Windrider's obsession with flying. C.He regrets having made the trip from China to the United States. D. He will work hard to make the best of his new living situation among the demons.

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