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Although the Constitution was ratified by the required number of states, it was important that ________also ratified the Constitution because __________. A. Virginia . . both George Washington and James Madison were part of its convention B. New York and Massachusetts . . it was important to demonstrate that the Federalists had won the ratification debate C. New York and Virginia . . the new government would need the support of large states to be accepted by the country D. North Carolina and Georgia . . it was so necessary to win over the support of southern farmers and landowners
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C. New York and Virginia . . . the new government would need the support of large states to be accepted by the country By the end of May 1788, proponents of the Constitution had secured the approval of eight state ratifying conventions. But securing the ninth state was not going to be an easy task. Everything rested on the three remaining states: New Hampshire, Virginia, and New York. (North Carolina and Rhode Island did not ratify the Constitution until the First Congress sent twelve amendment proposals to the states for ratification.) The best evidence suggests that going into these three ratifying conventions, the Federalist-Antifederalist delegate split was 52-52 in New Hampshire, 84-84 in Virginia and 19-46 in New York. And all were scheduled to meet in June: Virginia on the 2nd, New York on the 17th, and New Hampshire on the 18th. News that New Hampshire ratified came one week into the New York convention. Chancellor Livingston captured the moment: “The Confederation, he said, was dissolved. The question before the committee was now a question of policy and expediency.” News that Virginia had ratified reinforced Livingston‘s observation. Yet the delegates continued debating for another three weeks! On July 26, New York, by a vote of 30-27, ratified the Constitution and proposed 25 items in a Bill of Rights and 31 amendments. @ujgi7t

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