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what is the physical property for sifting?
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Turbo Sifter is used to sieve dry raw material in powder form before it is fed to Rapid mixer &wet granulator or High shear mixer. The Turbo sifter is suitable for separation of foreign objects from dry powder before mixing. One can use mesh size from 4 to 25. This machine is used for mainly screening the formulations (in form of dry powder) before feeding it in to the high shear mixer or Fluid bed granulator. Dry powder is fed to Turbo Sifter through IPC or intermediate product container by positioning the IPC over the infeed mouth of the sifter. Normally IPC's are raised over the mouth of Turbo Sifter by using a lifting and positioning device or hoist. Lower portion of IPC is lowered inside the Turbo Sifter inlet through a special gasket which ensures totally dust free transfer. Now this powder after entering the turbo sifter is pushed towards the sieve area by screw in the sieve chamber. There are blades which while rotating push the material against the sieve. Sieved material will fall through the bottom opening. Sifting & Milling Equipment for Pharma & Food Industries - Turbo Sifter. Turbo sifter mounted over a mast, sieves and discharges the finished material to the Rapid mixer and granulator. By using silicon rubber sleeve, this sieved material is transferred to RMG through a gasket of special design which ensures complete dust free system. As an option frequency drive (AC drive) system can be provided whereby one can vary rpm as desired by the process. Entire Turbo sifter can be mounted on a swiveling pillar over the frame of Rapid Mixer, which can raise or lower the Turbo Sifter and also it can rotate the assembly completely by 360°. Turbo sifter can also be mounted on castor wheel for mobility. Entire assembly and sieves can be removed for cleaning very easily. Capacity: 400 kg/hour depending upon the physical properties of the product.

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