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Read the passage below, written by Dr. James McCune Smith, an American abolitionist. Based on this excerpt, what could an American abolitionist claim about the Haitian Revolution to argue against slavery in the United States? In regard to the army of Toussaint, General Lacroix, one of the planters who returned, affirms "that never was a European army subjected to a more rigid discipline than that which was observed by the troops of Toussaint." Yet this army was converted by the commander-in-chief into industrious laborers, by the simple expedient of paying them for their labor. "When he restored many of the planters to their estates, there was no restoration of their former property in human beings. No human being was to be bought or sold. Severe tasks, flagellations, and scanty food were no longer to be endured. The planters were obliged to employ their laborers on the footing of hired servants."1 1. James McCune Smith, "Toussaint L'Ouverture and the Haytian Revolutions," February 26, 1841, Louverture Project, accessed May 2, 2013, Ouverture_and_the_Haytian_Revolutions. A. Enslaved people will revolt if slavery is not abolished immediately. B. People work harder and do a better job when they are paid for their work. C. Planters will be unwilling to fight in order to keep their slaves. D. Winning freedom for enslaved people will be simpler than previously believed.

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