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Why did Jonathan Swift choose a satirical essay to address the issues of Ireland's poor in A Modest Proposal Satirical works of literature were gaining popularity across Great Britain and other European countries during the eighteenth century. Swifts earlier attempts at nonsatirical essays and speeches had failed to elicit a response from the government. Publishing reforms made it difficult to publish essays or articles about poverty unless they were concealed as satire. Swift had been imprisoned in the past for writing essays that directly blamed England for Irelands sufferings. Readers
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I am not sure if this is at all correct but "Swifts earlier attempts at non-satirical essays and speeches had failed to elicit a response from the government." seems like it would make the most sense because a satirical essay is supposed to draw attention to it, and address the reader in a passive-aggressive way. But I am not sure if he did write non-satirical essays before he attempted A Modest Proposal. Do you know if he did?

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