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1. In an argument about random drug testing for students, your opponent argues that schools should respect a student's privacy and not randomly test for drugs. Which statement would best refute this argument? (Points : 3) We must protect our teenagers and current methods of cutting off drugs at the source are not working. Discouraging drug use among athletes will discourage it among the rest of the student body. Urine, hair, and breath samples can be used to test for the use of many common drugs. To enforce random drug testing is to view students as guilty until
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In a debate about capital punishment, your opponent argues that capital punishment is state-sanctioned killing and can kill innocent people. Which statement provides the best refutation to this argument? (Points : 3) Executing criminals eliminates the possibility of rehabilitation. Studies in the U.S. have shown that capital cases cost between one and seven million dollars. Many more innocent people have been killed by paroled or released murderers than have been wrongly executed. The death penalty is a deterrent to future criminals. In a passage where the thesis is "Violent video games lead to violent behavior," which statement provides refutation? (Points : 3) The study that proved that video games do not lead to violence was funded by the video game industry. After playing violent video games for only 30 minutes, children show signs of violent behavior. A nationwide survey of over 1000 households indicated that fewer than 10 percent of children do not play video games daily. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular violent video games.
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1 is the first option as far as I can see. 2 is the third option, I think. 3 is the third option.
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