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I'm terrible with truth or false question so need help plz 8. One of the key questions for analyzing tone is: What emotions might the author have experienced while writing the text? True False 9. One of the key questions for analyzing audience is: What kind of text is it? True False 13. Read the passage and answer the question that follows. "The manner of taking possession of the silver mines, south-westward, - the conduct of the conqueror toward the natives, - and the miserable toil of many of our fellow-creatures, in those mines; have often been the subjects of my thoughts. And though I sometimes handle silver and gold as a currency, my so doing is at times attended with pensiveness, and a care that my ears may not be stopped against further instructions. I often think on the fruitfulness of the soil where we live, - the care that hath been taken to agree with the former owners, the natives, - and the conveniences this land affords for our use, - and on the numerous oppressions there are in many places; - and I feel a care that my craving may be rightly bounded, and that no wandering desire may lead me to strengthen the hands of the wicked, as to partakes of their sins. 1 Tim. v. 22." (John Woolman / Friends' Miscellany: Being A Collection of Essays and Fragments, Biographical, Epistolary, Narrative, and Historical; Designed for the Promotion of Virtue, to Preserve in Remembrance the Characters and Views of Exemplary Individuals, and to Rescue from Oblivion Though Manuscripts left by them, which may be Useful to Survivors/) The theme of this passage is to praise the conquering of the natives. True False 14. Read the passage and answer the question that follows. "Thus absolutely lost in thought, and dying with the very thoughts of drowning, I come up with the post, who I did not see 'til very deliberately a few paces, when we entered a thicket of trees and shrubs, and I perceived by the horse's going, we were on the decent of a hill, which, as we come nearer the bottom, 'twas totally dark with the trees that surrounded it. But I knew by the going of the horse we had entered the water, which my guide told me was the hazardous river he had told me of; and he, riding up close to my side, bid me not fear-we should be over immediately. I now rallied all my courage, knowing that I must either venture my fate of drowning, or be left like the children in the wood. So, as the post bid me, I gave reins to my nag; and sitting as steady as just before in the canoe, in a few minutes got safe to the other side, which he told me was the Narragansett country." (Sarah Kemble Knight, The Private Journal) Sarah Kemble Knight's main purpose in this passage is to persuade herself not to be afraid of drowning. True False
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Tone is emotion. It'd be impossible to recognize tone without wondering how the author recognized how he/she used tone.

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