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can i just be done to much of these
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Child Proofing Your Home (A) (1) Every Year, millions of children are injured by hazards in their homes. (2) Fortunately, you don't need a class in home economics 101 to help prevent these injuries. (3) You can simply install child safety devices such as safety locks, latches, gates, and anti-scald devices. (B) (4) You can put safety locks and latches on cabinets and drawers. (5) They keep children from pulling drawers down on their heads and to scatter objects that might cause them to trip. (6) They also keep knives and sharp tools out of reach. (7) A lock or latch can prevent children from getting into household cleaners or medicines, too. (C) (8) Safety gates also help childproof a home. (9) Gates can keep a child out of unsafe spaces placed between rooms. (10) The gates should also be installed at the top of stairs to prevent tumbles. (11) Gates that screw into the wall are more secure than pressure gates. (D) (12) Anti-scald devices regulate water temperature in your home, and can prevent burns. (13) A plumber can install it in showers and faucets. (14) Set the temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough for washing but won't burn the skin. (E) (15) To find out about the reliability and cost of childproofing devices, talk to friends or look at consumer-related magazines. (16) Consumer magazines cover safety subjects. (17) Ranging from alarm systems to liability insurance. (18) Once you done installed these safety devices, you can enjoy a new kind of security in your home. 11) Sentence 2: Fortunately, you don't need a class in home economics 101 to help prevent these injuries. Which correction should be made to sentence 2? A. remove the comma after fortunately B. change prevent to preventing C. change home economics to Home Economics D. replace these with those E. no correction is necessary
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I think it's c.
  • KyanTheDoodle
Yes. When you're talking about classes, you capitalize the name of it.

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