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Sara can be best described as confused because she thinks the hill seems endless. mean because she wants to beat Jordan so badly. competitive because she fails to beat her friends. kind because she rescues the bird that is trapp
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Sara had been climbing the hill for four hours already. She felt her cheeks burn. Her heart was beating louder, too. Even her backpack felt heavier by the second. As she swiped the sweat from her face, the only things she had seen for ages were grass and rocks. The hill seemed endless. She wanted to give up already. I can't, Sara thought. Not if I want to get rid of the nickname "Slowpoke Sara!" "Come on, girl," Jenny shouted from higher up the hill. "I. . . I," Sara managed to speak between breaths "am coming." Jordan, the class bully, was also far ahead of her. Jordan yelled as loud as he could, "Last one to the top has to carry all the backpacks." "I will show him who is faster," Sara mumbled. She rolled up her sleeves, took a long breath, and took faster steps. Jordan is not going to tease me in class tomorrow! I have to run faster! In a few minutes, she had almost caught up with Jordan. Just as she was about to beat Jordan, she saw a little bird trapped in a bush. It was fluttering its wings and desperately trying to escape. Sara carefully managed to reach near the bush and slowly removed the tangled vine from the bird's scrawny feet. In the blink of an eye, the bird stretched its wings and flew. "Wait," Sara yelled at Jenny who was now at the top of the hill. Sara was the last one to get to the top, once again.

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