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When Principal Johnson addresses Keisha she is aloof. understanding. indifferent. spiteful.
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The Assignment When Donovan and Keisha arrived to Mr. Java's science class, they immediately decided they would request to be lab partners for the semester. Keisha was always a student who knew what she wanted and how she would achieve her goals. She was known for being a "go-getter." Both Donovan and Keisha were honor students and well-behaved; they were the epitome of high-achieving students. Their hard work would certainly pay off by them being nominated for the science scholar program. Throughout the semester, Donovan and Keisha successfully completed several science labs together. One day though, Donovan was absent. Normally, Keisha would not have been concerned about him not being in class, but today, their final lab assignment which was worth 300 points was due. This assignment would determine which students would surely clinch the nomination for the science scholar program, and Donovan had all of their work! What will happen to my grade? What about the nomination? Keisha nervously cried in her head. Students would not be allowed to turn in their assignments late. Mr. Java had been very clear about that. So Keisha had a choice to make: Would she take a risk of being disciplined for taking out her cell phone to call Donovan? Keisha secured a hall pass and quickly ran into the girl's bathroom. She began to dial Donovan's number, the electronic notes of the dial pad piercing the silent air of the room. As the phone began to ring, she heard four loud knocks on the bathroom stall door—a teacher! Moments later, Keisha found herself waiting in the principal's office, embarrassed and ashamed. Only rowdy, unruly kids end up in the principal's office, she thought. I'm not one of them! Principal Johnson was known for being a no-nonsense type of lady who never pitied disorderly behavior. Now Keisha had no assignment and the promise of disciplinary action—both of which would ruin her chances of being accepted into the science program. As Keisha sat down in the dreaded examination chair behind the principal's closed door, Principal Johnson said, "I recognize you, young lady. But you're not a regular in my office. I know you from… the honor student banquet! What in the world are you doing here?" Keisha's embarrassment melted into an outpouring of tears and frustration as she told her story. Principal Johnson listened calmly and then said, "As you've no doubt heard, Keisha, I'm not one for bending the rules. And using your cell phone at school is very much against the rules! But your passion for science, for school, and for the science scholar program leads me to believe that I should make an exception." Keisha smiled with relief as Principal Johnson handed her a cell phone. "Here, you can use mine. Just stay out of the bathroom!"

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