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What effect did the breakup of the Soviet Union have on Cubans? • Food, medicine, and tools became scarce in Cuba. • Cuba was divided into smaller territories. • The Soviet Union granted Cuba its independence. • Families in Cuba were separated. my answer is B check my work plz
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The subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 had an immediate and devastating effect on Cuba. Cuba lost valuable aid and trading privileges after the fall of the Soviet Union, soon after entering a fiscal crisis.[25] While throughout the 1990s and into the present, Cuba maintained and built up relationships with other Latin American neighbors and non-aligned countries, as the only Marxist nation within the Western Hemisphere, Cuba was no longer able to maintain their political status.[26] After the shift to world market prices under the 1991 trade agreement and the dissolution of CMEA, which had once accounted for almost 85 percent of Cuban trade, trade with the Soviet Union declined by more than 90 percent. The Soviet Union alone imported 80% of all Cuban sugar and 40% of all Cuban citrus. Oil imports dropped from 13 million tons in 1989 to about 3 million tons in 1993 from Russia.[27] The end of communism in Europe resulted in the end of Cuban-Soviet relations and great isolation and economic hardship in Cuba.
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