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Harriet the Spy unit test. HELP PLEASE! 1. From what point of view is the story told? (2 points) first person third person 2. In the beginning of the story, Ole Golly takes Harriet and Sport to visit (2 points) her mother. Mr. Waldenstein. a friend in the hospital. 3. Which statement best describes Harriet's relationship with Ole Golly? (2 points) Harriet is afraid of Ole Golly because she is mean to her. Harriet is fond of her because she feels that Ole Golly is the only person that understands her. Harriet is dependent upon Ole Golly because she does not allow Harriet to think for herself. 4. How does Ole Golly help Harriet resolve her conflict at the end of the story? (2 points) Ole Golly goes to Harriet's school to talk to the teacher. Ole Golly calls Harriet on the phone and tells her to continue to ignore her classmates. Ole Golly sends Harriet a letter with advice on how to solve her problem at school. Vocabulary Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. 5. A person who is bemused would have difficulty (2 points) laughing at a joke. understanding how to solve a problem. waiting their turn. 6. If you were frustrated while completing a task on your own, you would feel (2 points) exasperated. billowy. eccentric. 7. The antonym or opposite of ‘trickle’ is (2 points) spinet. barrage. semblance. 8. Harriet's classmates were _______ while reading her notebook. (2 points) aghast interminable enunciated 9. Harriet acted _______ toward Ole Golly because she respected her "words of wisdom." (2 points) stealthily disgruntled reverently Short Answer Note: Your teacher will grade your responses to questions 10–11 to ensure that you receive proper credit for your answers. 10. Using the details included in your completed story map or plotline graph, write a three-paragraph summary of Harriet the Spy. The first paragraph should include details about the exposition (main characters, setting, conflict). In the second paragraph, describe the events of the rising action and the climax (turning point) of the story. The final paragraph of your summary must include a detailed description of the resolution of the story. (6 points) 11. How did Harriet’s attitudes toward the people she observed change throughout the story? What events caused these changes? Use details from the book to support your position. (6 points)
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