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Read the following analysis and then answer the question that follows. Junk food is a main ingredient in most Americans' diets. Americans love their chips and dips, sodas and soft drinks, pizza and wings almost as much as they love cake, ice-cream, cookies, and candy. It is impossible to pass through life as an American without having at least one junk food overload. Overloads happen when we are weak, distracted, or when we use poor judgment. The point is that junk food overloads happen, and with them comes discomfort, guilt, and cravings for more junk food. Before we examine the dangers of the junk food overload, it is important to understand how it occurs. One of the three main causes of overeating bad food is distraction. Imagine yourself sitting at a desk studying late into the night or watching a football game that goes into overtime. Now put a pizza, a six pack of soda, a bag of potato chips, and bag of M&M'S® in arm's reach. You can easily consume that food without even thinking about it. A second cause is weakness. Everyone knows that a pint of Ben and Jerry's won't cure a broken heart, but it will numb the pain. Finally, excessive eating is most often caused by a lack of good judgment or control. Perhaps your crush keeps passing you the bowl or perhaps you are overtired from studying all night. In any case, when you feel out of control, it is easy to eat out of control. When a junk food overload happens, the first consequence is physical. Nausea is quite common, and vomiting and diarrhea may follow. Other adults may feel tired after eating too much junk, specifically sugar. It is also well known that eating sugar leads to craving more sugar, so another physical consequence is dealing with undesirable urges. In addition to stomach upset, cravings, and exhaustion, many people also suffer emotional and psychological consequences. Many people will feel fatter after a single overdo, lowering their sense of self-worth and possibly even causing depression. In addition, people will often suffer guilt for their lack of control. The psychological effects of overeating are probably even more devastating than the physical effects. In conclusion, Junk food is by nature attractive, delicious and begging to be overly consumed. Unfortunately, over consumption leads to physical and psychological complications that are unpleasant at best. Still, if we are alert to the causes of junk food binging, we may be more aware of when we are inclined to overeat, and we might be able to avoid indulging when we feel distracted, out of control, or weak. So enjoy some bad food, but only a little at a time, once in while. Which of these are causes of junk food overload according to the passage? (Points : 3) weakness distraction low self-worth lack of control discomfort
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Its all in the first paragraph.
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so its A, B, and D right?

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