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how do i apply?
OpenStudy Ambassadors
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what do you wish to apply for? If you wish to become a moderator, there is no application. you simply have to be 18 or older, with a decent record (not too many suspensions/warnings), and with a good record of guiding users to the answer. However, if you want to become an ambassador, there are a few easy steps you could take
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Originally Posted by @sleepyjess Awesome! Here is some of the info on ambi requirements Ambassadors are representatives of OpenStudy. We answer questions from new users. We welcome and greet users. It's our job to be the embodiment of OpenStudy's ideologies. Before I go any further, there are strict requirements you must meet. ◘ Be thirteen or older ◘ Have a form of ID - excluding a birth certificate ◘ Have no serious offenses on your record ◘ If you have serious offenses, an additional process may be required ◘ Have read the Code of Conduct and Terms, and understand the rules ◘ Have at least 90 days studied Do you meet these requirements? If so, then please read the next part of the process. There are some key behaviors that Ambassadors must express ◘ As an Ambassador, you agree to always be kind and understanding ◘ As an Ambassador you should let users know you appreciate them ◘ Congratulate and reward positive behavior, and discourage negative behavior ◘ Lead by example! ◘ Respect the staff - never talk ill of OpenStudy ◘ Never disclose personal information if shared with you Do you feel like Ambassadorship is something you would want to do? Do you want a bright future with OpenStudy? Then become an Ambassador! [NOTE: The application, or form, is often subject to change. A message will be posted in either the Ambassador Group or OpenStudy Feedback with details on how to submit an application] You can contact @e.mccormick , @thomaster , @shrutipande9 , @ashleyisakitty or @hartnn for additional Ambassador opportunities. form link: https://docs.google.com/a/openstudy.com/forms/d/14kZejqKJuYBxuRCxCjwa-rAUtScOYB6KTlrZDmYLTGM/viewform http://blog.openstudy.com/2014/01/30/openstudys-diplomatic-corps/ http://assets.openstudy.com/updates/attachments/5500a830e4b0dc5d8bd5db63-e.mccormick-1426110412484-iwannabeanambi.pdf Made by @Compassionate , slightly edited by @sleepyjess End of Quote So in a nutshell, basically you have to be 13 and older, you have to have been on OpenStudy for AT LEAST 90 days. And have a true dedication to helping others on OpenStudy :) Hope this helps
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And of course, here is the form link. Just reposting it to be super super clear :D https://docs.google.com/a/openstudy.com/forms/d/14kZejqKJuYBxuRCxCjwa-rAUtScOYB6KTlrZDmYLTGM/viewform

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