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Proofread my scholarship essay for me please?? Here's the prompt: Please remember a time where you knew for certain you wanted to enter a medical field. Was there a specific event that triggered this? Was it something you were always drawn to? Why have you chosen health services over any other career?
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I am often asked why, at such a young age, I have already devoted myself to pursuing a career as a physician scientist. People are often appalled to hear that I have another 18 years of school left. For the longest time, I did not know how to respond, and askers of this question would always revert back to “Well, it’s probably for the money! Surgeons are millionaires!” This statement has infuriated me for years. Some also say, “I’ve seen you around people! You were born to do this!” The concept of manifest destiny in a career as a physician is greatly overplayed. No one was “born to be a doctor.” Becoming a doctor is an idea that blossoms from the act of helping people; it is an idea that blossoms from the idea of being charitable for the sake of benefiting others. My family has taken a handful of secular humanitarian trips to less developed countries around the globe. We have seen decimated regions of South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe, and having seen the strife in many parts of this world and knowing that I am able to help is the reason that I have applied myself to this amazing field. The strides that are constantly being made are amazing; the notion that I could even be a part of such an incredible community is inspiring to say the least. Though I began by not being drawn specifically to medicine, the thought of being able to help those in need has evolved into my passion for pursuing this career. There is no better way to help someone than by saving what he or she holds dearest: his or her life. People often misconstrue the thought of becoming a doctor with an epiphany, an almost “ah-ha moment,” where the idea of becoming a physician suddenly seems entertaining, and then becomes end goal. This, however, is definitely not the case. Devoting ones life to the art and practice of medicine is not something that you stumble upon. If a person simply dives face first into the field of medicine without hours of deliberation, constantly questioning “Is this really what I want to do with the rest of my life?”, and contemplating every detail of this expansive field, then they are in it for the wrong reasons. I have finally realized the answer to the question posed by so many. Becoming a physician scientist isn’t simply an end goal for me; it is something that I have devoted my life to, and I am willing to jump over any hurdles in the future to pursue it. Devoting my life to the less fortunate has consumed my core, become the essence of my studies, and inspired me to pursue a career of life-long learning in such an incredible field.

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