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Which words in the sentence make up the adjective phrase? The cricket beneath my window is singing its evening song. A. beneath my window B. The cricket C. is singing D. its evening song

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\(\bf\color{lime}{Hint:}\) Adjectives \(\underline{\bf\color{lime}{describe.}}\)
What words here are used as description words?

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Other answers:

\(\bf\color{blueviolet}{Noun:}\) A person, place, thing or idea. \(\bf\color{turquoise}{Verb:}\) A word or group of words that show action(s). \(\bf\color{lime}{Adjective:}\) A word or group of words that describe.
What are the nouns in this sentence?
i say D
i say D
D for what? The noun or your guess?
my guess
Okay, we'll get to that, but first just work with me here a bit. What is the noun in this sentence?
Noun: A person, place, thing or idea.
Correct, you just restated my words from above. So, which word(s) from your sentence are the nouns?
The cricket
Right, \(\underline{\bf\color{lime}{the~cricket}}\) is one of the nouns. Another noun is the \(\underline{\bf\color{blueviolet}{song}}\).
So we can eliminate answers that relate to those.
so A OR D Right
No, because we just eliminated D. So we have A and C left.
No need for the caps.
so c
C is a verb because it indicates an action, hence the singing.
you said it was a or c
so it well be A
this what i said OK I THINK IT IS A
you said no
Do you understand WHY it is A? Choice A uses \(\underline{\bf\color{lime}{descriptive}}\) words.
I said no to C.
When you said A I said "No need for the caps.", indicating that you did not need to have your words in all capitalized characters.
I did not clarify to you whether you were correct or not.
yes you did
An adjective modifies (describes) a noun. "Cricket" is described by "beneath my window," which is a prepositional phrase.
so A is my answer yes or no
I already told you. I said that choice A \(\underline{\bf\color{lime}{describes}}\), and also that an adjective describes, so it can be concluded that A is the adjective phrase.
a is my answer yes or no
Re-read all of my replies and conclude for yourself. I already basically gave it away.
i know is a my answer
If you really listened to what I told you, you'd be confident enough to decide that yourself. OpenStudy is not intended for people who just want answers, and you are acting like all you want is answers rather than guidance.
im srry my answer is C
Go back through my replies and read them thoroughly.
i did
If you did, then you would not have switched your answer.
Why A?
sorry B
Stop randomly guessing. I took the time to thoroughly explain this to you and you did not take the time to pay attention to what I said. I already gave the answer away, if you actually read my replies, you'd see that. Good luck.
bye i dont need you
no medal for you
I am not going to give you a direct answer. If you're not going to take the time to understand it, then I'm not going to take the time to explain it. I am not normally this way, but you were extremely rude to me here, so that's what happens.
I didn't say A was incorrect, I was just making sure you understood why it was correct, that is all.
i can have the direct answer like that i have do eran it
i said a the hole time
You did say A, yes. I was asking you why you thought that because I wanted to make sure you understood why. If you didn't understand why, I would have explained it. I was trying to make sure you understood it fully so that when you run into this type of question again, you'll be able to do it with no problem.
ok ty very much ill give you a medal for to be nice to me
and can you help me with more wiill medal and fan
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And sure, just tag me in your question(s).
so cool
Thanks. :3

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