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Which is one of the reasons stated within the online text that Americans decreased their family size in the beginning of the 20th century? a.Both b and c b.Most families migrated to the rural areas where big families were not necessary. c.The government offered an incentive if family size stayed small. d.The rise of industrialization.
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What? If that's all the the online material had to say, you should get another author. 1) Contraception. 2) Improved medicine so that the ones who were born were more likely to survive. B. is just wrong. What does "necessary" mean? "Lot's of births" only occasionally resulted in "large families" in the 19th century. C. is close to China, today. More like punishment if families don't stay small. D. Not clear on this one. Later in the 20th Century, we have this... 3) Many countries have realized that a couple of generations of talking about fewer children has resulted in unexpected population decrease. They have begun to provide incentives for births. Austria noticed this as early as about 1970. 4) The paradigm that women can wait and have babies later is not as true as most who wait would like it to be. In the 21st Century, we have this... 5) Marriage based on same-sex attraction can't create children. There are, of course, various surrogacy and adoption options if they wish to have children, but they cannot do it by themselves.
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