• january123
My life's nothing but a dream To me it's bassicaly not what it seems. Halve it is a nightmare. Halve of it is almost reality. Only true way to know is... Wake up and live it foreal. None of the dreams. None of the nightmares. I want to wake up. But seems like i'm not ready, Not ready to face what Reality has become... This life, world...it improves every day But until i have a thought, A thought that i'll be safe in this world. Then i will wake up. But i will never know. My eyes are closed, Im burried deep into the ground. Not a bit of light... Until i wake up, from this.
  • Stacey Warren - Expert brainly.com
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  • jamiebookeater
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  • january123
Dream... Who knows what's to be out there. Bad, good. I'd never know. My life is a dream, game... It's all been a lie. Cause i never woke up... I'm still not ready to face reality... Don't know if i'll ever be. There is no clue, To what opening my eyes would face. Destruction, pure goodness... I would never know. This world isn't set up. Its a dream...a dream thats not set up. And if it was to be... You'd have to face it. Beat the level, Move onto the next... The next stage of tour life, or dream, or game.
  • january123
Life isn't a Prepared mean... Where youjust live it . Then throw it away. This dream, is something. Something i want to remember, For as long as i live.. There is no telling if i'd die or live tomorrow I just have to make the right choices in this dream. Negative...No I've learned that lesson. You don't see woth tour eyes. You procive with your mind. My dream isn't going to be sunshine and rainbows Destruction, rain, broken glass... It's not pretty. I wish i could wakeup. Just living this lie... This dream in dreaming.. But i can't wake up now.. I'm hearing things in my sleep as i dream. It sounds terrible. I won't wakeup. Not now, Not at this time... Im not ready, i will never be
  • anonymous

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