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1. The animal group classified as being the most critical endangered is the C. Fish 2. Which statement is true regarding Europe's climate? D. Heat and sunshine is common in the Mediterranean region 3. When examining national boundaries and state capitals, it is best to examine a D. Political map 4. The Northern European Lowlands contain the following physical features except B. Mountain ranges 5. When examining the height of mountain ranges, it is best to study a A. Topographic map
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6. Which is not an accurate statement regarding Europe's physical landscapes? C. The Alpine Mountains begin in northern Spain and run north to Denmark 7. Which is not an accurate statement regarding Europe's climate? A. Cases of severe weather are more common in Europe compared to the United States. 8. A person would most likely see small rodents such as rats and hedgehogs in this area due to considerable farming. D. Central portions of Europe 9. Crete belongs to the nation of A. Greece 10. A person would most likely see reindeer and polar bears in A. Northern Europe near the Arctic Circle

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