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can anyone tell me if these are correct ?? also does anyone know #4? i only have like 1 last chance to take this quiz so i want to know if any of these are ok before submitting. Question 1. 1. Which are sources of archetypal characters? (Points : 3) xGreek mythology Carl Jung xThe Tarot xThe commedia dell'arte from the Middle Ages 2. Which is the best example of archetypal lovers in the literature we have studied? (Points : 3) John Proctor and Abigail Williams from The Crucible x Alcée and Calixta from "The Storm Mr. and Mrs. Mallard from "The Story of an Hour Young Goodman Brown and Faith from "Young Goodman Brown Question 3. 3. Which is true about symbols? (Points : 3) x Symbols mean different things to different people. Symbols can come from many different cultures. Symbols are the same in many people's dreams. Symbols can only stand for one thing each. 4. How are stereotypes different from archetypes? (Points : 3) Stereotypes are recognizable and archetypes are not. Stereotypes only appear in modern literature. Stereotypes are flat and archetypes are round. Stereotypes are not found in literature. Question 5. 5. What are the qualities of archetypal characters? (Points : 4) xThey are easily recognizable by most people. xThey have a particular role to play in the story. xThey have a quality that gives them strength. xThey have a quality that makes them weak. Question 6. 6. Match each universal symbol with its meaning. (Points : 8) Potential Matches: 1 : Life or rebirth 2 : Old age or death 3 : A decision or change 4 : Passion or death Answer 2 : Winter 4 : Red 1 : Water 3 : Crossroads
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