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On which idea did Patriots and Loyalists most disagree? The colonies had important economic and cultural ties to Great Britain. Certain rights and freedoms are important for citizens to have. The colonies were better off governing themselves without British influence. The American Revolution would vastly alter the government of the colonies.
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Loyalists and patriots are usually on the same side. I am going to assume that you are speaking of the ear of the American revolution, when loyalists to the crown of the United Kingdom who did not want an American revolution were on opposite sides with the patriots who wanted the United States of America to win independence from the United Kingdom. If this is what you mean, they would agree that democracy, not totalitarianism, made the best form of government, However, the loyalists wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom and win rights incrementally for Americans. The patriots wanted an independent country. They would most likely agree on things like freedom of religion, which was an idea which was gaining ground in the United Kingdom at the time and in place in many of the colonies --- although not to fully be put in place in Britain until the mid 1800's. if i dont do this i will get yelled at baby

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