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WILL FAN AND GIVE MEDAL what lasting effect did the watergate scandal have on the nation? give three examples
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Hahaha my teacher's words..."THE BIGGEST RESULT of Watergate is distrust in the government!!!!" 1. It confirmed the principle of 'no one is above the law'...not even the President 2. It gave a new meaning to the 1st Amendment protection of 'freedom of the press'... if it is true, it can be printed regardless of power or position. 3. The Supreme Court confirmed the 1st Amendment protection in Nixon v. The United States 1974 with regard to what became known as The Pentagon Papers. A series of news articles that suggested that the Nixon administration was not telling the truth about Vietnam. Although this decision was rooted in Nixon's foreign policy concerning the Vietnam War, in theory it was definitely regarded politically connected to Watergate and the Washington Post's pursuit for justice. 4. After Watergate and President Nixon's resignation Congress passed The War Powers Act. For the first time since 1933 it was clear that in the light of Nixon's abuse of power Congress was set out to reign in the power of the Presidency. 5. Watergate exposed the dark side of American politics, a fact that some always knew existed but for some reason were able to negate. For others, Watergate represented innocense lost and left those Americans feeling violated. In either case, American politics would never be looked at in the same way by the people who elect the individuals who represent their political voice. Great links you could look at: Good Luck :)
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Basically what they said.

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