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Exam: 07.04 WORLD HIST. Question 1 Why did Hitler launch Operation Barbarossa? to gain control of the rich resources that were under the control of the USSR Points earned on this question: 5 Question 2 What was the purpose of D-Day? to reclaim Western Europe first before attempting to move Allied troops into Germany Points earned on this question: 5 Question 3 The Allied victory in Europe was sealed after the Allies beat the Nazis at what final German offensive? The Battle of the Bulge Points earned on this question: 5 Question 4 Which of the following was a decisive strategic maneuver that turned the tide in favor of the Allies in Europe? the Normandy invasion of Europe Points earned for this question: 5 Question 5 Which of the following actions explains why Britain officially entered World War II? the German invasion of Poland Points earned for this question: 5 Question 6 In 1939, British politician Winston Churchill uttered these words: "Between shame and war, we have chosen shame, and we will get war." To what was Churchill referring? Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler at Munich Points earned on this question: 5 Question 7 What was the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad? It prevented Germany from successfully gaining control of Moscow. Points earned on this question: 5 Question 8 What was the Sudetenland and why did Germany want to annex it? It was a part of Czechoslovakia where ethnic Germans lived. Points earned on this question: 5
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