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Which parts of this excerpt shows that slaves had no legal rights and were often betrayed by their masters? "He was a bright, handsome lad, nearly white; for he inherited the complexion my grandmother had derives from anglo-saxon ancestors" though only ten years old, "seven hundred and twenty dollars were paid for him" his sale was a terrible blow to my grandmother; but she was naturally hopeful, and she went to work with renewed energy, trusting in time to be able to purchase some of her children.
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"She had laid up three hundred dollars, which her mistress one day begged as a loan, promising to pay her soon." The reader probably knows that " no promise or writing given to a slave is legally binding;" for " according to southern laws, a slave, being property, can hold no property" while my grandmother was thus helping to support me from her hard earnings, the three hundred dollars she had lent her mistress wrre never repaid. Choose from whats in quotes
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