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..Regardless of the experience you explore in your memoir, focus on describing the event and its significance and providing personal reflection that shows why this event was important. Your memoir should be two to three pages in length. Before writing, consider the structures you read about earlier: Chronological: The memoir follows the order in which incidents happened. This structure is common in memoirs. Cause and effect: The memoir revolves around a significant event and how life was different before and after it. List: As a more experimental approach, memoirs can also be structured as a list. The writer explores the significance of an event through a list of descriptive items that develop the writer’s reflection over multiple points in time. Narrative: Memoirs can also include stronger narrative elements to relive and provide reflection about a particular experience. This structure can provide storytelling qualities while reflecting on a true event. Briefly describe the significance of the event you’ve chosen, some central ideas of your reflections on the event, and how you intend convey the event’s significance to the reader. Include the structure that will best suit your memoir.

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