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Which discovery could provide evidence against the theory of evolution?
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You have options? Or do you mean "What discovery...." @navarri
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. this gives it @timo619
  • Jumperman
I may be able to help you here. Evolution is the theory, and I emphasize THEORY of how life began. It is merely a faith, because we cannot observe evolution on a major scale. The best arguments against evolution, that I have found are these: Amino Acids: All species have amino acids, and so, many hypotheses have tried to explain how amino acids could just develop. The most prominent is Stanley Miller's experiment where he created a small pool of water and he recreated the ancient Earth atmosphere. His result was he was able to "grow" amino acids. The problem with this hypothesis is that Miller used Methane, Oxygen, and other chemicals. According to NASA in the 1980's they believe that the Earth's atmosphere was comprised of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen. The original Earth's atmosphere cannot develop amino acids with those chemicals. Also many other hypotheses cannot explain how 20 of the hundreds of amino acids somehow form together to create life. Geologic Column: Many rely on the Geologic Column to determine the Earth's antiquity and to date fossils. The Geologic Column is based upon the layers of the rocks. Older rocks will be under newer rocks. In Glacier National Park, they found a massive Pre-Cambrian slate (older) on top of a Cretaceous formation (newer). This Pre-Cambrian slate is very massive, and even lubricated, it would be almost impossible to somehow get on top of a newer rock. So, the Geologic Column is unreliable. Unobservable Data: We are unable to observe evolution. We can see small changes in our children, and even in other animals, because they do not look exactly the same, but that does not make them a new species and it does not prove evolution. There is a major difference between variation and evolution. This is all I have to give for now, I do have more. Everything really, points to an Intelligent Designer.

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